anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I assembled a bloody wardrobe.

Today has just been a horrifically and stupidly exhausting day--that is, physically exhausting. My plan to work on Chapter 5 evaporated into the air of lost hopes and dreams as I spent way longer than I had anticipated, assembling a bloody wardrobe that I bought from Wayfair. In the first place, it was supposed to have arrived yesterday between 1 and 3pm. It only arrived after 8pm; the delivery guy said that his friend's truck broke down, presumably carrying my wardrobe, and he had to take over. Okay, fair enough, and at least it was delivered, even if I was pissed off after 3pm at the non-delivery of my wardrobe, and at the shitty delivery company (XDP, never heard of them and am sorry that I now have; never going to buy anything from a company that uses them to deliver ever again): the online tracking had no updates whatsoever, I called two different customer service numbers and no one picked up, I sent an email that was never answered, and I never received a call back even after leaving my telephone number. Bunch of idiots.

But the bright side: at least it was delivered before Thursday when I'm headed for Cambridge. So I started assembling it last night, hoping to finish it within two hours. This hope was as tangible as my hope of working on Chapter 5 today; like my hope of working on Chapter 5 today, it vanished into thin air the very second it fully dawned upon me how bloody heavy the wardrobe was. I had an inkling of it when I struggled to push the package into my room--I had to push it because it was too heavy to lift. The package's stated weight was 36kg. Rather heavy, I think.

Nonetheless. I did not know what I'd got myself into, not even after struggling like crazy to connect the second side panel, which is bloody heavy, to the structure that I'd already assembled. I couldn't lift the whole thing and align the right holes to the right screws because it was bloody heavy, so I sat on the bed, put the panel on my legs for support, and managed to negotiate the panel into the right place. I thought this was the most difficult bit. I was wrong.

I gave up when I couldn't, for the life of me, stand the wardrobe up--and I couldn't stand it up because it was bloody heavy. This morning, I tried a couple of methods: trying to do what I tried last night, i.e. lift the thing up and hope for the best, but quickly having to put it back down because too bloody heavy; and putting half of it on the bed, thinking I could perhaps manage to lift it when it was already half-lifted. That failed quite miserably as well. First, there was the danger of the wardrobe hitting the ceiling lamp; and second, it was still too bloody heavy and I couldn't support the bottom while I tried to straighten the top.

Then it occurred to me that I could use the wall as counter-balance. So I pushed it to the wall next to the door, where it would be placed anyway...and voila! It stood! So I spent some time nailing on the back panel and damaging an edge of the side panel in the process. This was tedious but doable.

What was tedious and barely doable? Putting on the doors. Oh. My. God. This last step probably took me a good 1.5 hours. I don't know what I did wrong, but the bloody holes in the side panels did not always line up with the holes in the hinges in such a way that the door can open and close. So I had to screw into a smooth surface, not a pre-existing hole--and words cannot describe how incredibly tiring that was. My right shoulder was already sore from lifting the panels and doors, especially from trying to hold up the door and somehow screwing it in (did not work, obviously), so it did not need the extra effort of screwing something into a smooth surface.

Here's a positive, though. I think I am quite a decent problem solver. I don't like asking people for help, so I was determined to assemble the damn wardrobe on my own. But of course, there was no way I could hold up the door and screw in the hinges at the same time because too heavy and I only have two hands. Since I needed to line the door up properly, I thought, Let's put some books at the bottom of the door so that I don't have to hold it up.

It worked, more or less. And when I still couldn't screw on the hinges because...can't remember; it was too difficult. I ended up removing the middle one from the door and screwing it into the side panel first, so that it was easier to fix the rest of it. This worked for one door but not for the other, and I don't even remember why anymore because when I was struggling with this, 3.5 hours had already passed and I was tired and hungry and all I wanted was for the damn thing to done, for it to work, I didn't care how it looked, didn't even care that there is a gap between the doors; all I cared was that they opened and closed.

And then it was finished. It was finished. I did notice, way too late, that I fixed the top panel the wrong way round, so that the rough surface with the label 'C' faces the front and not the wall. But guess what? Too bloody bad, I don't care, all I care is that it is done and after unpacking my large red suitcase, my dresses are now properly stored and my suitcases are no longer taking up space in my room. It is almost completely done; I just need another bookshelf because the one that I bought is too small and I have too many books. I'm going get a tall one so that I'll have space for my bags. Why the hell do I have so many bags?!

Why do I have so many things?

What I do not have right now is the patience for this entry. I just want to read a novel right now.

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