anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

A Shit Day of Colossal Proportion

Today has just been the most useless and biggest waste-of-time day. My plan of working at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies was utterly ruined, both by my own tardiness and by forces beyond my control. First, I only managed to leave the house at about quarter past 12 because I first had to wait for my phantom housemate (phantom because nobody has actually met him, save for E who purposely stood outside the shared bathroom while he was taking a bath and ambused him with a 'hi' when he was done; at least we know it's a 'he') to finish with the bathroom, then I took forever getting dressed becaues I'm an idiot like that.

Then, and I'm not sure why I even surprised, the bloody Hammersmith & City and Circle lines were delayed. I rely on these lines to get me to Euston Square from Westbourne Park. I don't even know why I stood at the train platform for maybe 20 minutes before deciding on the obvious course of action: get the hell out of there and get some food, and hopefully the delays would have eased up after I was done eating.

I eventually did that at around 12.40pm when it was announced that the train was arriving in 9 minutes. I could not be bothered to wait. So I walked about 10 minutes in the direction of some cafes I found on Google, and found myself in the middle of Portobello Road Market. It would have been a nicer surprise if I hadn't been carrying my laptop, my charger and a 700ml bottle full of water on my right shoulder and in a shitty Mango bag, feeling annoyed and stressed because my day had gone off to a terrible start. Still, it was a nice surprise, even if I didn't have time for that.

Lunch was at least tasty, even if I could only taste half of it due to this stupid cold that I caught in Nice which abated for a bit but which has returned with vengeance after my clubbing trip with SX in Berlin. I think my walking around Berlin on my last day, when the weather took a turn for the worse--i.e. from 30 degrees to 17 degrees--in a dress did not help matters at all. In any event: since then, I have been feeling shit; my left ear has been blocked for the past few days; I have a niggling cough wanting to get out but seems forever stuck in my chest; and I can't breathe properly in the evenings. It is really annoying because I signed up for the Singapore half marathon with Chloe and I want to start training but I can't because of this stupid fucking cold. Before this, the last time I was sick was October last year--and I remember this clearly because I was due to run the Town and Gown 10K and I couldn't believe that I had caught a cold then, of all times, when I hadn't been sick in a long time. So clearly there's a negative relationship between my health and running.

Sidetrack rant over; I am annoyed right now and have been for the whole day, so this entry is really just one huge rant. Anyway. I finally got my arse to IALS at around 2.30pm...just to be told that the entire thing was closed for stock-taking and that it will only re-open next week.

So I settled for a Waterstones cafe on Gower Street with the worst Americano of all-time, really stupid low bar stools (I ended up standing most of the time), and a disgusting toilet.

When I started to head back, it was 5pm and the Tube was already crowded. I got on the second Hammersmith/Circle/whatever train as the first was too crowded, and even though the second was just as crowded, I couldn't be bothered waiting anymore. I got off at Edgware Road, not Westbourne Park, because some random guy did not have the good sense to remove his backpack on a crowded train and put it on the floor, causing it to come into way too close contact with my back. There was also a crying child. I just couldn't take it anymore so I got off at Edgware Road and took Bus No. 6 back. It took me to Chippenham Gardens which entailed a 2-minute walk back--way better than the 12-minute walk I would've embarked on, in my stupid uncomfortable River Island heeled boots which I don't even know why I didn't throw away when I moved, and which I would've probably bailed on by taking a bus back because my shoes were killing my feet.

All in all: what a shitty disastrous day. At least I managed to write my conclusion for Chapter 5 while in the shitty Waterstones cafe (which I'm never returning to); at least I've finally sent it to my supervisors.

Tomorrow will be better. I just want to forget that this day had ever taken place.


So much to say about Berlin. Three words for now: Kit Kat Club.

Also...I'm dating Etienne. Yeah, this deserves a proper entry as well. I will do this at some point.
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