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I HATE Injuries

Today, I tried to walk to a nearby cafe for brunch as I have three 40% discount vouchers expiring sometime next week. Since the food is tasty, I had every intention of going back to use the vouchers but hadn't done so because the thesis is (or rather, was) taking up too much of my headspace. I should've gone earlier, in retrospect, because today, two days after the fall, I couldn't make what is ordinarily a 15-minute walk due to the stiffness in my right knee and how unnatural and uncomfortable it felt, just trying to walk out of my shitty street flanked by council flats. I must have spent about 10 minutes painstakingly dragging my right leg behind me just to get to the end of the street; to put things in perspective, I would ordinarily take maybe 3 or 4 minutes to get to the end of the same street.

It didn't help either that it was quite bitterly cold. After 20 minutes out in the cold--during which time all I did was walk to the end of the street and walk back to the house--I felt like a walking icicle.

Needless to say, my unsuccessful attempt to walk to the cafe got me rather down. I didn't feel like working on the thesis at all, so I spent my afternoon watching Muguruza vs. Konta at the Australian Open, which just happened to end at 3.15am Australian time which was 4.15pm UK time. I didn't intend to spend my afternoon watching it but it was actually a good match, and it distracted me from my stupid knee, so whatever, I'd take it.

I cannot adequately express just how much I am hating this. I am hating not running, I am hating being stuck in the house, I am hating not being able to play tennis. I am hating this forced inactivity, hating the way my right leg feels so immobile and inert and dead every time I try to walk. I suppose the upside is that it doesn't hurt except when I accidentally twist it or put too much weight on it...but can it just heal already? Please?

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I need to be sure that it's nothing more serious than a bruised knee because I cannot imagine a rest of my life without my usual sporty activities; I really can't.

More generally: I think I need to get away from this house for a while. I'm sick of being here, especially sick of the shitbags in No. 20 who do their stupid DIY renovation work at night, and the lousy Brent Council who has yet to respond to the noise complaint that I lodged three nights ago when those shitbags carried out the same noisy work. The room they're working in is literally next to my bedroom; in fact, next to the wall against which my bed rests. So it feels like it's just next to me...oh, but that's because it is.

I can't stand people like that. People with no civic-mindedness (and now they're sawing something. What the fuck?). My housemates had gone over, knocked on the door, but nobody answered. Apparently the Council had already sent them warning letters but evidently, they have gone ignored.

So I need to get away. I think I'll go to Cambridge this weekend and stay until Tuesday or something. It'll be nice to spend time at E's anyway; his house feels bigger than mine even though my room is bigger because he has actual living room, and there are just two other people in the house with him. Oh, and he has his own bathroom, which is always a nice plus.

I don't really have much to say. I'm just not very happy these days.


Daredevil. Oh man, what an amazing show, and what a crime that Netflix has cancelled it. I've just rewatched all three seasons and I love the complexity of Matt Murdock. I love the conflict between his daytime identity as a lawyer and his nighttime one as a vigilante, his wavering conviction and belief in the law, and his belief in the redemptive potential in everyone, even the worst criminals. However, I am not a fan of his consequentialist moral reasoning--but that's the point, isn't it? Nobody is perfect, not even this superhero.

Season 3 is really the best season of the show. The story is tight, focused and compelling. There was too much going on in Season 2 with the Punisher, the Hand and Elektra; I really could've done without the Hand storyline because it's just kind of lame. But season 3--the focus on Wilson Fisk as the ultimate Big Bad, the way he manipulated two main characters as different as night and day but with equally compelling storylines, and the way he pushed Matt's moral compass to its absolute limit. Charlie Cox was phenomenal in the final fight scene when Matt came so close to snapping Fisk's neck but he just couldn't do it because, simply put, that would be the absolutely wrong thing to do.

I haven't loved a show or related to the characters or found them so compelling since probably Veronica Mars. I've liked a few shows in between, such as Orphan Black and The Good Place; but Daredevil really gets to me and speaks to me because of the themes and issues that it explores, particularly through Matt. I found Foggy's continuing faith in the law and the system in the face of overwhelming evidence that the faith is misplaced very comforting; it was maybe an obvious foil to Matt's broken-hearted cynicism, but an important one because I think I share his views. As he said, and I paraphrase, the law is the only thing that keeps powerful people in check.

I'm still really sad that it's been cancelled. There is so much more story-telling to be done: the dynamic trio back together again; Matt's relationship with his mother; Bullseye vs. Daredevil...sigh. What a huge, huge waste.

(I strangely even enjoy Matt's Catholic conflicts. Religion can actually be quite compelling when it's presented in a sensitive and intelligent fashion and none of that 'believe or burn in hell' shit. Father Lantom was such a good character.)

On a slightly related note, E and I are going to see Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston (? aka Loki) on stage in Harold Pinter's Betrayal. I was already interested because 1) Pinter and 2) Loki, but bought the tickets immediately when I found out that Charlie Cox will be in it. YAY! The tickets are insanely expensive; 105 pounds each. It's somewhere 5th or 6th row and comes with champagne and 'luxury ice-cream' but the point was that the cheaper tickets--around 65 pounds--were the restricted view ones. It's not that huge a difference so we went with the expensive ones.

And of course, the main reason this play is expensive is because of Loki. The Birthday Party, also at the Harold Pinter Theatre, did not cost nearly as much.
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