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My knee is getting better...well, of course, it was always going to get better. It's perhaps 70% back to normal, though I still can't walk 100% normally and I am too afraid to try to climb the stairs. E and I went to the gym last week and after he instructed me in how to use weights to work on my arms, we discovered that I could use the cycling machine to do some light cardio.

I've been doing that for the past few days, save for the four days that E and I were in Paris (last Thursday to Sunday). The first time I got back to exercising after about two weeks away from it, it felt exhilarating. The feeling that I had when I pedalled furiously, almost maniacally--the panting, the pain in my legs, especially my left thigh, the sweating dripping from my brow--put a huge smile on my face.

Predictably, though, I am now bored of this cycling thing. I would like to run again; I really miss it quite a lot. I cycle 15-16km each time which is about 45 minutes and the worst part of it isn't how it works the legs; no, the worst part of it is how uncomfortable the seat feels against my butt and the sides of my crotch. When I stop pedalling and lift my butt off the seat, it is to alleviate the pain, not because I'm physically tired.

That is not to say, of course, that the cycling isn't tiring. It is. I don't believe in light exercising, so I up the effort level/resistance level to one that doesn't completely kill me, and I'm always dripping sweat halfway into the workout. I'm also always weak in the legs when I finally get off the machine. I think I took 20 minutes to walk back today--20 minutes for a 10-minute walk. Yup, this cycling thing is no walk in the park. It is just rather boring.

I can scarcely believe that it's been 3 weeks since I fell and I'm still not fully recovered. I have not played any tennis and haven't done any running. I would be happy to be able to run maybe 10km two weeks before the Cambridge half...but I'm not even hopeful about that. The fall was really untimely, as I was going to go for a under-2 hours finish at either the Cambridge or London Landmarks half. Oh well.


In other news, Paris was great, and E was amazing for putting up with my grumpiness and whining and crying about my leg because it was sometimes difficult to walk. Is he a saint or something? He must be.

Love the eclair au chocolat from Stohrer. Went to a fondue place on Friday evening...oh my god, I love cheese. Also finally had wine. I LOVE RED WINE.

I love E, too.
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