anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Recovery Update

After exactly four weeks of not running, I attempted to run today after an unsuccessful trip to a gym near E's place that apparently opens only really early in the morning, and from 5.30pm onwards.

The knee hurt initially, I was half-limping (yes, it is possible to limp-run), I was slow, I couldn't run continuously...but run I did. The pain more or less disappeared as I trucked on, and at one point, the running approximated 20% of what normal running is like; perhaps I could even learn to properly run with this slight limp (though, no, this limp cannot stay). It was a nice start to the day (by 'start' I mean 12 noon) and so in this way, it was a good thing that I couldn't go to the gym that wasn't open; otherwise, I wouldn't have forced myself to run, and so I wouldn't have realised that it is slightly less painful and laborious than I had expected it to be.

I think I kind of needed this because yesterday evening, walking from the law faculty to Magdalene, put me in yet another self-pitying state. I saw enough people running through the town centre and obviously training for the half for me to feel left out, sorry for myself and frustrated by what I perceived to be the lack of recovery--or at any rate, super slow as molasses recovery--of my leg. So my kind of successful attempt at sort of running today has made me hopeful that I can somehow recover fully in time for 3 March.

Anyway. That's that for now. Other aspects of my life are more of the same. The PhD is still not finished and progress is even slower than my knee's recovery. Meh.

Gotta go for dinner and then to Ivan's for cheesecake now!
Tags: injuries, running

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