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Writing Fanfiction

(Can't even remember the last time I wrote, but whatever.)

I'm writing a fanfic at the moment; a Daredevil one. While this is quite honestly the most fun that I've had in a while, this is a really bad time to be writing fiction (even if fanfiction) because I get so fucking obsessed everytime I'm writing fiction. It is all that I think about: I think about it upon waking up, I think about it while running, I think about it while eating, while on the Tube, even when I'm sitting in the bloody British Library trying to work on my boring PhD. I even use my break time (read: omg, hungry at 4pm, and sleepy also, need sugar rush, so go eat a cake for 30 minutes) to do research for the story. And since I've been writing it mostly at night, it's one of the last things on my mind before I fall asleep.

This is the level of obsession that I should have for my PhD...alas, I'm not sure non-fiction writing can ever excite me to the same degree as fiction. I simply love writing about characters, about people, about their thoughts and struggles. It's so much fun writing dialogue, and to a lesser extent because I'm not good at it, action. It's fun to think about what motivates them to do certain things, their backstories, whether a particular scene is in keeping with what I've established about them so far. And since this is fanfiction, whether a particular comment that I just made Matt Murdock say is consistent with his character.

I haven't written fanfiction since my Slam Dunk obsession days, more than 10 years ago. I haven't even read any fanfiction since then, mostly because I think it's low-level writing and a waste of time. Yes, I'm too arrogant for my own good; after all, some writing, even if fanfiction, is better than none at all - which was the total amount of writing that I was doing before this after I sort of 'finished' an original story that I started in Singapore in December. Any story-telling form of writing is good practice if taken seriously - and needless to say, I take this fanfic very seriously for its own sake, and as an instrumental form of practice.

What I really love about the Daredevil universe is the Matt Murdock character, his complexity and inner conflicts. I mean, lawyer by day, crime-fighting and so law-breaking vigilante by night says it all, doesn't it? So the story kind of revolves around that, and I'm trying to draw it out by using the original character as a foil to him. I want to build on the show's questioning of whether Matt Murdock and/or Daredevil is/are the heroes that we are meant to think that they are, or if they - especially Matt - are more deeply flawed than we think. I really love Charlie Cox's portrayal of Matt Murdock and the way he shows how Matt appears to be this really nice, mild-mannered lawyer, but is in fact impulsive, rash, sees things in black and white, and ruled too strongly by his strong sense of right and wrong. That is why he thinks it's okay to go around in a costume ('black pyjamas', in Foggy's hilarious words) beating up criminals.

Oh, this show is just so good. I'm so tempted to watch it for the third time to make sure that I get his character right, but I'm half-afraid that it would interfere with how I want to write the fic. So I shan't, for now.

This is all quite silly, I know, but I don't care, because it's just so good to be writing fiction again. And I think I need to practice a standard narrative style anyway.
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