anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i got chills

I got 81.5% for my most recent Chinese test. Woo-hoo. Also had a Literature test today, on the quarrel scene between Brutus and Cassius in "Julius Caesar". Despite my teacher giving the class 5 minutes to read through that scene after the question was revealed, I still don't think I did very well for it. What the hell though. I wonder if she's allowed to do us the question, and grant us permission to read the scene again. Oh well.

P.E. was utter and complete hell. Had to run 1.2 kilometres. I had The Animated Chick with me while I ran, and all thanks to me, we were the last in the class. My timing was 8.14 minutes; my friend The Athlete was running her last round while I was on my second. The chest was so painful during and after the blasted run, and I was breathing so heavily, close to wheezing, that I thought for a split second my asthma was back. But it wasn't.

My friends and I spooked each other during recess by telling freaky stories that involve the supernatural and the paranormal. One of them was this: This girl in Korea was home late one day, and for some reason or another, Korean lifts do not stop on the 4th floor. The girl in question was afraid of taking the lift alone at night, so she called her mother to go up with her. In the lift, when they were between the 3rd and the 5th storey, the girl said to her mom, "This is where I get the weird feeling." Mom turned around, and said, "Do you think I'm your mother?"

OH MY GOD. I'm having chills all over now. When The Athlete told me the story, I started screaming and I threw myself against Yunnie, who was beside me. While I was walking towards the lift that I take to reach my apartment this afternoon I was suddenly reminded of that story. Thankfully, I'm vain, so in the lift itself I was checking out my hair in the mirrors, and soon enough, I have reached the 7th floor.

Was completely paranoid in the shower though. I forced myself to think of other things while I showered. I was going to think about Gem when I thought, "Think about him? When I'm naked?"

Anyway, I do believe in ghosts, though I can't tell you why I'm an atheist. My English teacher can see spirits, and she told us some of her own experiences last year that spooked the living bejesus out of me. I'm not a very brave person, and I get frightened easily by things which I cannot see, but it's usually due to my crazy imagination, so I guess it's a good thing my brother is such a pussy, 'cause there's no way I can sleep in my own room tonight. I haven't slept in my room since December last year, and it's all because of the brother.

Not that I'm complaining anymore.

I did a diarytag.

Tags: first boyfriend, grades, literature, scary stuff, secondary school

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