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give thanks with a grateful heart.

Yesterday and today:

Clockwise from left: Me, Mag and Rui at NYDC; Me, Mag and Rui at NYDC taken without flash (the NYDC guy who took the pictures for us was really good); my Lana birthday cake; my parents and I; my cow and my birthday cake; my modest stash of gifts.

Clockwise from left: Mag and I towards the end of the whole thing when we were all sweaty and gross; a picture of a Polaroid; Rui taking pictures with her super cool camera; my ugly feet and slippers; a clown/magician performance.

Although yesterday wasn't the big disaster it could have been, I still maintain that I hate birthdays. They come with too many expectations, some of which are too great to be fulfilled (I just had to slip in that Great Expectations paraphrase), and I'm not programmed to take disappointments after disappointments and still remain whole. Having said that, I'm thankful for all that I received yesterday all the same: My friends for spending time with me, Mag for the great time at Pacific Coffee Company, and my folks for dinner, the purple gold necklace, and my mom for not being upset/insulted/etc that I went to change the Gucci perfume.

I honestly had no idea that my folks were going to give me that necklace. It's crazy, truth be told; I told them that I didn't want a necklace because I don't know what the hell to do with expensive jewellery, and that they should just get me perfume instead if they're so insistent on buying another gift (recap: that 20-something hairband was supposed to be my birthday gift, or at least that was what I said). So imagine my surprise when I came home from dinner and found the perfume and the necklace waiting for me.

It's the most expensive jewellery I own, and I still don't know what to do with it. Apparently I'm not supposed to expose it to chemicals which means I have to take it off when I shower or go for a swim or whatever. Being me, I won't always remember to wear it, and when that becomes a habit it may just lay around my room, collecting dust. To be honest, I'm really not big on real jewellery; cheap two bucks for a bracelet substitutes totally do the trick for me.

Nevertheless, I love the necklace. It's gorgeous.

And I still have to say that I had a fantastic time with Mag! All the things we talked about, the laughter and surprises and the things we never knew about each other. I know for sure now that she's someone I can always count on; hence, whenever I get the urge to bitch about how much I hate/dislike/whatever law school, I'd remember that it's law school that brought us together again.

So, using the above as a point of departure, I shall move on to the next part of this entry. Today.

That law school activity? Okay, so I don't have a name for it. In brief, it's part of law camp 2006 (which I did not participate in in any way, shape or form - shocker [mental image of rude hand gesture erased]), and it's a small carnival thing held at NUS High School for some MINDS children (children with learning disabilities, Down's Syndrome, things like that).

I had forgotten how gross a secondary school non air-conditioned hall can smell, or how hot and stuffy one can get. I really longed for Jurong's air-conditioned hall. If I had to name one thing Jurong was very good at, it'd be the fact that it's practically air-conditioned everywhere. Damn nice.

Anyway, we stayed way longer than expected, and by the end of it I was all sticky and disgusting. I even sat on the floor in my nice skirt! But all in all, sweaty and disgusting and all that aside, it was nice being there, seeing people I hadn't seen in almost three months (needless to say I haven't met up with any law school people except Rui and Mag) - that is, those I know and give a damn about. Of course, the familiar feeling of alienation washed over me quite a few times, but hey, who's keeping track nowadays? There's also a rule stating that you're not allowed to get insecure once you're no longer a teenager. Sad, but true.

Yeah, who am I even to say that? I did something REALLY stupid and embarrassing and thinking about it makes me want to clobber myself to death and I can't believe I'm capable of that so I won't even bother. Ugh, I'm unbelievable.

Anyway, I also saw Yuch! Or rather, he saw me. He said hi to me and initially I thought maybe he was someone from Jurong or something whom I should know, because even though he said he was Yuch it just sounded different when said out loud as opposed to, you know, your brain saying it when you're typing something, or reading something. You know? So yeah, took me a few seconds to register what was happening, and when it did, I was all, Oh hi!

Hmm, kind of fitting that I was wearing pink. I'm a bloody bimbo. We didn't talk much 'cause Mag and I were heading for the loo, and after that...well, I don't know. I was preoccupied with something else after a while and we went downstairs a couple of times for food and stuff and yeah.

So it was a good day.

I came home, watched half of The Twins Effect, then went swimming. I think I swam practically non-stop for at least thirty minutes and now I'm all tired and stuff.

I just want to say that The Twins Effect is probably the worst movie ever. It sucks ass. I only watched it for Edison Chen, who was SOOOO HOTT in the movie!!11!!!!111!one! When his eyes turned blue (he played a vampire) and all, I was like, BE STILL, HEART! Seriously I think Edison is one of the hottest Chinese celebrities/actors/whatever out there, and he definitely tops my fantasy list of guys I'd shag if given the chance. He's hot, and I can't stress enough how hot he is because he's hot.

Having said that, he has about as much acting skills as a piece of cardboard.

But hey, who gives a damn! Mainstream Hong Kong movies are crap anyway; might as well watch for the eye candy.

But the stupid movie so totally pissed me off. It was dubbed, first of all, and super badly at that. The stupid DVD doesn't have Cantonese, let alone SUBTITLES. What kind of DVD doesn't have dual languages? Retarded. Second, the two chicks from Twins bloody cannot act. The short-haired one pissed me off and the other...also pissed me off. And the plot was incoherent at best, non-existent at worst. I hated the action sequence between the two Twins chick, so much so that I left the disc playing and got out of my room to get water. I never do that when watching movies.

A serious waste of time.

But Edison Chen is so hot.

So. Damn. Hot.

Anyway, I think I need some sort of a love life, or at least something that looks like a love life. But when I get close to it, I'm all, Eh, but so mah fan leh. I don't want liao.

(Translation: It's so troublesome. I don't want it anymore.)

Um, screw it. I can't say I really give much of a damn right now. It's just that I think something almost happened today and I single-handedly pushed it away because I'm retarded. Good going, self. Nevermind.

Let's hope that I'm just doing my usual over-analysing things...thing again.

Lastly, I spilled nailpolish remover all over my silk quilt and now it smells vaguely of the remains of the remover. Absolutely disgusting. I also got a bit on my hardcover Sarah Dessen novel, for which I paid $32.66.

Note to self: Never, ever attempt to cap a huge-ass bottle of nailpolish remover while hugging it to your in the crook of your arm. Take it from me: It will definitely drop and make your quilt smell of alcohol. Yuck.

Lastly (for real), I love my Gucci Envy perfume. I have missed you, dear Gucci Envy.

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