anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

one out of many of the same.

This is just...genius.</p>

"wana go movie" (And yes, that's an exact quote.)

From this dude.

Since when did 'movie' become an adjective? I must have been asleep when that earth-shattering change was made. This offended me so much that I actually bothered with a reply. Just in case the really clever dude in question doesn't know what an adjective is, I took the liberty of telling him, quite plainly, "Not even in your wildest dreams."

Life would be complete if I could say that to a person - any person that abhors me - face-to-face.


Anyway, I just got home from KBox-ing with Tingren at Cineleisure. It was just the two of us and it was fun! We definitely should hang out more often, methinks. The air-conditioning was crazy though. I was freezing throughout the whole thing, teeth chattering and limbs shivering and all that jazz.

I sang Jielun's "Feng" (um, Maple Leaf?) and now I actually like it. I've always thought that the strings in that song were overdone, and that the song is over-produced, period. But the melody. It's just perfect, even the bridge section which I previously hated. He's a genius.


Oh crap. I just discovered that the third season of Veronica Mars is starting on October 3.

THAT IS SO FREAKING WRONG. I can't believe this. I thought it'd start towards the end of September but no! I have to wait an extra month. I'm already suffering from severe VM withdrawals, my Season 1 DVD is with Ruishan, and the Season 2 boxset isn't coming out until August 22. And I probably won't get it until much later, because I'd be focusing on trying to get a cheap deal on eBay.

This suckssss. I'm sad now. Boo. I need my show!

Tags: dating, friends, guys, veronica mars

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