anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

have i mentioned that i really need money?

House of Wax sucked. Too bad Chad Michael Murray didn't die. I would've loved to see him turn into a wax figure. And it sucked major ass that Jared P. was the first to die. And I watched the stupid show just to see him. He's really, really cute, have I mentioned that? And of course it figures that Paris Hilton will have a strip tease scene and then proceed to run around in what was effectively her underwear. Whatever.</p>

I am tired of not having money. I feel like a beggar. It's even worse asking for money from your parents because they'd use it against you the next time you ask them for something. My mom was all, You're old enough to be financially independent.

I shot back with, If I'm old enough to buy my own car and to get a job, it also means that I'm old enough to stay out until 3 in the morning and go out with whomever I please.

She got pissed off after that and I kept going off about how what she said implied logically led to what I said and in the end I was like, Whatever.

I need money badly. $30 in one's bank account is totally negligible. What the hell can you do with thirty bucks? God, this is ridiculous. I spent one morning at Raffles City (was waiting for Mom to end some meeting so that we can shop and it turned out that she took WAY longer than expected) and all I bought was a cup of iced cappucino from Coffee Club. And the funny thing? I had my dad's ATM card with me.

Yeah, so I really can't spend my folks' money the way I spend my own - that is, like water - and so I was super bored after I finished my coffee and had to leave the establishment which left me with nothing to do. In the end, after some aimless walking around and looking at NOTHING, I sat down on one of the benches in front of Coach and read Great Expectations. (Three more pages left!)

Sigh. Woe is me.

Tags: books, movies, parents

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