anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

um, right

I'm not sure if it's my failure as a writer, but I just found out I got this review of my 'to be innocent once more' entry. Apparently, I wrote about mood swings. The jokes I inserted bothered the reviewer.

I read that entry again, and I don't think it's my failure as a writer. The purpose of the jokes were to further highlight the point that half the time, I just want to let loose and go insane and stop worrying about being mature all the goddamned time, because to tell the truth, it's very tiring. Am I supposed to keep an eye out for retarded readers? It's not my fault that sometimes, people don't get my brand of 1) humour, 2) sarcasm and 3) self-expression. It's also not my fault that half the world is blinded by their stupid stupidity.

Do I think I'm better than everyone else? No. I know it. *smiles*

(I need ego boosts, you know.)

Tags: writing

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