anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i'm angry.

I just discovered that there are TWO three-hour Comparative Legal Traditions lectures per week, and the second one is on Thursday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m..


I haven't even the appropriate means to aptly and adequately express how absolutely diabolical, insensitive and cruel that is. In fact, the other two adjectives are pretty much redundant, because this arrangement is pure evil. And to think I was looking forward to this module on the basis that it's not a practical law module!

Well, I bloody take that back.

Just kill me. Please. If there's any shred of hope left for humanity, someone would do me a huge favour now and put a bullet through my head, a stake through my heart, whatever. I don't know how I'm gonna live like this, because the mere thought is enough to bring back Year 1 angst that I was hoping is long buried, decomposed, gone.

Why didn't I leave when I had the chance (chances) to? I'm so blinking stupid. I hate myself. School hasn't started and already I'm bitching about it, which totally does NOT augur well for the rest of the bloody semester. And needless to even mention, I'm not looking forward to Monday at all.

Okay, on the bright side, the 'school' part of Monday ends at 11.30 a.m. if memory serves, after which is sushi buffet at Wheelock with Mag. Wahoo! I can't wait for that.

But seriously now. A sinking feeling is beginning to take root, and I was really hoping I could get past that this year. I don't want this year to be Angsty Year 1, Round 2, because quite honestly, that'd suck so hard that I may really, really end up killing myself - especially since I don't really know why I passively chose to continue putting myself through this torture.

But hey. I don't wanna get into it, not when I still have some Alias episodes left to watch and Lolita to read.

Speaking of Lolita, I love love love Nabokov's style/writing but I totally abhor his protagonist. He's utterly detestable and I don't think I'm supposed to try to understand his mentality, but whatever it is, he's disgusting. I will reserve my final judgement for when I've finished the book though.

And speaking of Alias, oh my god I totally LOVED that episode in which Rachel slept with Sark. Hahahaha. I think Sark is hot. I prefer David Anders' fake British accent to his real American one. Because the fake Brit accent is so hot and Sark is sooooo hot. I'd never want Sark/Sydney though. I did think Sark/Lauren was smokin'. Too bad Lauren died.

Actually, I think Rachel looks like a cross between Lauren and Meg Manning (Alona Tal) on Veronica Mars. And the new dude, Balthazar Getty (I know - what the hell's with the name?), is kind of cute.

But the hottest Alias dude of all time is totally Julian Sark. I love love love him.

Anyway, I accompanied my mom to watch fireworks tonight and at the end of it I was still like, So the big deal is...?

I am not a girl because I don't care about fireworks. They're just...totally redundant. What is the point? What is the big deal? You ooh and ahh at the pretty for three seconds and then it's all over. And the process you go through just to ooh and ahh at something so temporal and transient isn't quite worth it. I mean, seriously, traffic was a total bitch; my mom took more than an hour to meet me at Marina Square for dinner. Not only that, the CROWD was absolutely MAMMOTH and it fucking pissed me off. I tried hard not to be too much of a downer for my mom 'cause she was quite excited about the whole she-bang but to be really honest, I wasn't really impressed. There were a couple of pretty moments but I could've done without them and I wouldn't have cared.

And yeah, the blatant Coupledom on display was quite depressing and simultaneously a total pain in my damn ass and I could've done without that, too. How cliche is it anyway, watching fireworks with your boyfriend and squeezing with like half the world in that tiny-ass Esplanade whatever? Why do people even bloody bother? It's not romantic anyway if there are so many people.

I would love to go on a rant about how Singaporeans are uncouth and cannot bloody speak properly to save their pathetic lives but I think Alias is a lot more interesting than that, so whatever.

I'm Faith without the swagger and slayer-ish prowess, but with the anger to set off as many stupid fireworks as you want.

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