anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

a slew of complaints.

My nails look disgusting. I just painted them. Silverish pink. Nailpolish from Sasa, two bucks a pop.

Suffice it to say that I'd much rather spend more on good nailpolish than to waste 2 bucks on crappy ones.

My room stinks.

I was supposed to do my CLT readings (bloody 3-hour lecture at 9 a.m. tomorrow - joy and happiness) but all I've done after lunch was to sit in front of my laptop and aimlessly surf the web. How productive, Self. Major kudos and everything.

Sigh. Everything is so sad. Life is sad. I discovered something today that made me go, WHAT THE FUCK? Because WHAT THE FUCK? I'm throwing in the towel. That's it. The last straw. No more. Here's to Not Caring for the rest of my life.

Alright, enough senseless vagueness. First day of school yesterday was...a 75-minute lecture. Property Law. Professor from Cambridge. Actually, it was very unlike what I was expecting - namely, Incessant, Infuriating and Insurmountable Boredom. I mean, Property Law? The name doesn't exactly incite feelings of passion and excitement in me. But the professor was engaging and not boring and it was - gasp - interesting. At least I didn't feel like I was falling asleep. Same for today's lecture, despite the evil 9 a.m. timing. I woke up all groggy and unwilling to go to school and I reached school all groggy and unwilling to be there but the grogginess and unwillingness to concentrate and do anything but sleep faded away when the lecture started. It was, yeah, good. And stuff.

I feel funny not bitching about law school (yet) because it's quite unlike me but I'm sure this trend will buck itself as the weeks progress.

Anyway, went to town with Mag yesterday after the lecture ended. We watched Click, which I found pretty good until the ending happened. Hollywood loves happy endings so I shouldn't be surprised, but I felt cheated anyway. I mean yeah it wasn't a dream so I have to give them credit for that but I would've liked it better if Adam S had just died at the end and left it at that. But hey, it's Hollywood, like I said. I've long since stopped expecting mind-blowing materials from them.

I absolutely detest toilet/sexual humour, however. Hence the stupid on-going scenes of various dogs humping this huge stuffed duck failed to elicit any form of laughter from me. It was just stupid and lame and a cheap attempt at humour. And Adam Sandler is still obnoxious but his acting wasn't as bad in Click as it was in Spanglish. His death scene, however, bordered on hilarity after a while.

Maybe I'm just way too jaded for my own good.

Yeah, like that's news to anyone at all.

So after the movie Mag and I hung out at Coffee Bean where we took 10 million pictures which are still stored in my memory card. I'm too lazy to transfer and subsequently post them. We saw a couple of serially hot Caucasian (I think?) guys. Like, model-esque drop-dead gorgeous. Yum yum. We concluded that we won't fight over guys 'cause our taste in males are quite different. Which is a good thing.

Actually, I don't quite have a specific type of males that I'd typically go for, appearance-wise. This sounds almost as bad as a guy saying he'd fuck anything with tits and a vagina, but yeah, I'd find any hot guy attractive - solely based on first impression, that is. If he opens his mouth and Singaporean comes out I'd just...I don't know, die, evaporate, bleed, whatever.

I really, really violently dislike this country. I bemoan the day my mom decided to fly me back here and uproot me from my happy life in Taipei. I'd still have a happy life in Taipei if she hadn't done that. Sure I doubt I'd know what real English is (the Taiwanese don't seem to have a particularly strong grasp of the form of English that the rest of the world speaks; having said that, Singaporeans are actually more laughable in that department, if you want my honest opinion) but I don't care if it means my Chinese would be close to perfection. I still hate my lousy grasp of Chinese. But I've ranted about this often enough so I'll spare myself the agony of going through it again.

Anyway, people see my Coolpix S6 and they go, Is this your phone? Hahaha.

The decision on whether or not to eat ice-cream is a battle of gladiator-ish proportions within myself. The part of me that wants to stick to my flimsy diet is Russell Crowe's Maximus - noble, resilient, something else (okay, so obviously I really do not like Russell Crowe and didn't care for Maximus so I can't think of another adjective to describe him - that is, one that isn't '(fucking) boring'. Or 'expressionless'. Or 'emotionless'). The part of me that keeps gravitating towards the damn freezer in which my Ben and Jerry's are stored is Joaquin Phoenix's Emperor Commodus - diabolical, selfish, cruel, perverted, a petulant child stuck in an adult's body. He's also deliciously handsome but that's entirely beside the point.

The point is, I want to eat ice-cream but my waistline is screaming 'no'! Sigh. I hate this.

I really need to read those CLT stuff.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention last night's seniors' concert. It was pretty good. Tris was hilarious; he did a stand-up routine and the McDonalds' thing was damn funny. Um...not the nuggets, but the one about upsizing his Coke for 50cents. I don't wanna get into details lah. Damn lazy. But it was hilarious and funnier than the one he did during last year's return concert or whatever. I also really liked Kelvin's second performance with that other dude on guitar. I mean, Kelvin sang! Great voice. He dedicated a song to Ruishan! I didn't get that song though. Haha. Um, yeah, it ended at like 9-something and by then I was on the verge of falling asleep so too bad.

Also, I have a class on Friday which sucks ass because half the people have a four-day week. The only good thing is that my days are rather short. But I'd rather not go to school on Fridays. Especially for tutorial. I hate tutorials. My close friends aren't in my tutorial groups again.

Okay, what I really want to say is that I'm depressed about school being in session again and that I just want a bloody plane ticket to New York right now.

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

And now, Jack's complete lack of surprise has CLT ( legal traditions) readings to do.

Now I am Joe's raging bile duct. Bleah.


Edited to add at 4.58 p.m.:

So, Commodus eventually defeated Maximus.

I'm going for a swim in 2 minutes' time so I don't feel too bad. Having said that, Fossil Fuel is so nice lah!

And I've read a grand total of 13 pages of the first stack of CLT readings. I couldn't stand it after a while and so I watched the latest Project Runway, and guess what, another contestant I like was given the boot. What the hell. I shall stop releasing my curse on these people.

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