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international night = cute guys galore.

I crashed HPAIR 2006's International Night thing at Kent Ridge last night. Don't ask me what HPAIR stands for because I don't know. Mag - who's a participant - calls it 'Harvard Conference' so I'm guessing H stands for Harvard? Well, anyway. Trivial details - who cares. Haha.

So, the point is, it was awesome and it made me wish I'd applied to the event! Mag told me about it and I was too lazy to do anything and so, yeah. Despite the disgusting humidity, it was the perfect way to spend a slow, lazy Saturday night. (Besides, if I hadn't gone for it I would've been at home playing Aveyond.) Not only was it gratifying to be in the vicinity of so many people who spoke very, very good English, it was also extremely fun to - brace yourself for a lame, cliched phrase - feast my eyes on all the cute guys there! I saw exponentially more cute guys there in two hours than I have in one year of law school. There were a couple of super cute Korean guys, a lot of super cute Japanese guys, some super cute German guys...I could go on forever but why exhaust the list if it can extend to eternity?

Mag was supposed to perform which was my primary reason of going but in the end she relegated her role to someone else. I took a lot of pictures for her which helped me discover another trait to shamelessly brag about - my photo-taking skills. Bwahaha. They're not perfect but I think they're pretty good. Bwahaha. I used to want to be a film-maker but I also used to be in love with Nick Carter. But let's not dig up embarrassing stories of my past.

I managed to take a few pictures myself. Here they are!

This tall German dude drew that thing on my face. I was meandering through a crowd of people when the German dude stopped me and drew it on my face. I was like, Thanks, then walked off to find Mag and her friend Husna. Somehow, when I turned around, the German guy started talking to me. It was kind of weird 'cause I didn't really know what to say, and in the end I extricated myself when Mag's phone started vibrating (it was in my bag) because, you know, I had to give it to her and everything. And that was that. Mag and Husna were like, That guy was totally hitting on you! To which I protested, He totally wasn't!

Haha, that sounds totally bimbotic. Of course I'm exaggerating (in order to make fun, hence making it a parody) the airheadedness of whatever I said but it was pretty stupid. The German guy was pretty good-looking. Anyway, moving on now.

The Vietnamese guy (man?) in the picture came up to us to ask Mag and Hushna about the ethnic outfits they had on. I asked for a picture because his outfit was cool. It looked Chinese. I'm lousy.

Me and Mag! This was totally towards the end of the night when I was all sweaty and disgusting and had my hair blown into a mess by a couple of huge fans whenever I walked past them. I hate my fringe. As you can see it's fugly.

Mag being...well, Mag. Hahahahaha!

Me and Mag again, outside the toilet.

Me and the cutest guy I saw all night! Hahaha. He looked better in person and I thought he looked like a good boy version of Edison Chen (whom, once again, I find totally hot). My initial plan was to take a picture with him and split 'cause it was late and I had to catch the last bus home and all that jazz, but after Mag took that pic for us (thanks dear!), he started talking to me. He's half-Japanese, half-Caucasian - like how hot is that? Sigh. Too bad he doesn't live here, because Canada is so far away.

Have I mentioned that he was the cutest guy I saw all night? And that there were many cute guys at the event? I so should have signed up for the conference. I would've chosen Performing Arts which is what the cute Jap/Caucasian guy is in!

Uh, I'm talking nonsense.

Damn, I look bad in pictures.

Anyway, last night was super awesome. It was like being in this cocooned enclave in which Singaporean/bad English didn't exist, and for a couple of hours that illusion was so real that it became reality. So imagine my dismay when I got to Clementi MRT station and heard someone say, "Why you here?" I need to get out of this country.

Thanks Mag for telling me about the event! Too bad you didn't perform though. Hehe.

I did absolutely nothing over the weekends - nothing, that is, except play Aveyond. Me and RPGs have a love-hate relationship. I love them 'cause they're fun, hate them 'cause they're fun - which in turn makes them addictive. Which then makes me not study. And I think I should study. I mean a student studies, doesn't she, and not play Aveyond all day, all night. Damn me and my ill-disciplined nature. Grr.

Obviously I don't know what self-control means 'cause I'm off to play the game now. Um, yay? Yay!

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