anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

company is the new contract.

And so my nightmare continues. Just when the critics were having some doubts! (Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing in that warped Veronica Mars line.)

I thought my year-long torture ended when I handed in my Contract exam last semester. I was jubilant, in fact, just at the mere thought that I wouldn't ever have to look at that abominable nonsense ever again. Such was my absolute joy and happiness that violins swelled in the background, a la a typical Hollywood inspirational movie in which the heroic protagonist finally gets his shit together/stands up for himself/beats the bad guy/gets the girl of his dreams/whatever. My post-Contract days were absolutely wonderful, sometimes simply because Contract was over for good.

Oh, how naive I was.

This is quite hard to imagine...or at least, I would have found it quite hard to imagine before Year 2 happened. But here goes:


I guess I should revise my title. Company isn't the new Contract; it's the ultra-Contract. The alpha-Contract. The pieceofshit module of which Contract was a mere facsimile. How can anyone stand to do such tediously tiresome nonsense? How am I going to survive another 13 or so weeks of such tiresomely tedious nonsense? Another mention of the fucking Company Act and I will kill someone, I swear. And I haven't even started to read anything for the course.

Guahruehgahgragaijgh aghag. I REALLY tried paying attention in lecture today but I finally succumbed and tuned out 15 minutes before the end of the lecture. I almost died. As fantastical as it may be for me to say this, or for anyone to imagine, Contract was at least mildly interesting sometimes. But Company? I'm like, Who the fuck cares? The only thing interesting about companies is the amount of money CEOs make.

I wanted to rant about how much I dislike the things that have been taught so far but on second thoughts, I can't even remember anything. With the exception of the fact that companies are a separate legal entity, everything else that have been said over the past 3 lectures is a blur.

Have I mentioned Gurhgusaghuah auhb? Well, rug huaghuah gua. Seriously.

The only module that I don't completely dislike and could really like is Comparative Legal Traditions. Hahahaha. The readings are long, the lectures are inhumanly long, but at least it doesn't totally piss me off or put me to sleep. Granted, I fell asleep yesterday while reading Chapter 2 of the textbook but I was really tired since I had to wake up at EIGHT IN THE MORNING for the 9 a.m. lecture and I didn't get to swim in the late afternoon. Hence. We're doing the Islamic legal tradition tomorrow which should be interesting.

Actually he hasn't done Chapter 3 which was supposed to be done today but the visiting professor is teaching tomorrow so I don't think he'd be doing Chapter 3. Um, well, being the lazy person that I am, I'm not gonna read it. Bwahahaha.

Above all else though, all I really wanna do right now is to do nothing. We're into the second week of school and already I'm all worn out. And I haven't even done any of my readings, save the CLT ones. I'm amazing. I think it's the mere thought of school that makes me go sluggish and all sloth-like.

Whatever. I'm not going to waste time expounding on how much I really dislike law school still, both academically and socially. Insignificant details. Maybe some other time, when I haven't wasted an entire afternoon on Aveyond and am left with just the night to do my readings. Bleah.

In other news, I still think that the Japanese/Caucasian (white?) guy I briefly met at the HPAIR international night thing is really, really, really cute. I said in my last entry that he was the cutest guy I saw all night, which isn't entirely accurate; he was the cutest guy I've seen in quite a while. Too bad he wasn't very tall. For some reason good-looking guys tend to be short, which sucks.

I wanna go for next year's HPAIR thingy! It's gonna be held in Beijing. I wanna go to Beijing! Um, I think I should tell my parents about it so that they can start saving up money for me, since I have like NO MONEY to even try to save anyway. And even if I did I'd blow them on clothes/DVDs/books/CDs a couple of weeks later anyway.

Which reminds me. I haven't bought Season 2 of Veronica yet. Oh wait it only came out in the US today, Singapore time. I think I'll wait a while for cheaper sets to materialise on eBay.

Sigh. If only Mr. Japanese/Caucasian stayed in Singapore! I totally kept sneaking glances at him the whole night. It was quite uncharacteristic of me.

Okay it was totally in character but yeah let's pretend I don't normally do such stupid things. I mean I'd like to think that I'm more level-headed, rational and un-girly than that, you know? It's a matter of principle, of pride, of dignity. The whole gushing over guys thing isn't what I do. I don't even do crushes anymore. I find that most of the time they're absolutely useless because the few people I've liked or could have liked were either scared of me or not interested (because they were like, 11 years older - haha), and some even left the country. It's got to a point where I can't be bothered to muster up the energy to be actively interested in someone. I just...don't care, quite simply put. It's really heartbreaking jadedness and cynicism passing off as maturity; nothing more, nothing less.

Which is why it really sucks that the first super super SUPER good-looking guy I saw in like, months, who's probably smart to boot, lives all the way in Canada. To quote sarcastically a song by Bon Jovi that I abhor with all my heart and soul, It's! My! Life!

Okay, it's 9.16 and I haven't got started on the CLT readings. I'm just going to pretend that there's no Company tomorrow to preserve what's left of the night.

I still hate Company. Bleah.

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