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1. A Historic Moment

For the first time since school started, I, along with Mag, ventured into the law library. We weren't there to read/borrow/look up law books, of course; we were there to photocopy random readings for tomorrow's Property tutorial (which, by the way, I haven't started preparing for, and it's 8.19 p.m. and I'm watching Lost at 10 later). Neither of us knew where the library was, and so we had to ask the lady at the student counter for directions. She seemed quite amused.

Turned out that the library was at some hidden corner of the world. And because the construction work is taking forever to be done, we had to walk all the way there when we could've taken the shorter route if the campus was actually really ready. It's Pythagoras' theorem. The shortest way from one point of a rectangle to the diagonally-opposing point is the hypotenuse (ok I forgot how to spell this word) - everyone knows that (if they don't, they really ought to). At the very least, if you're too lazy to walk along the hypotenuse by cutting through the grassy patch thing in the middle of the quadrangle in the sun, you'd definitely take the height of the right-angled triangle. No one in her right mind would willingly trudge through Length 1 of said right-angled triangle, walk up Height 1 of the triangle, drag herself through Length 2 of Triangle 2 (because two right-angled triangles make a rectangle), just to reach the bloody law library, JUST TO PHOTOCOPY NOTES.

Oh man. Pythagoras would flip in his grave if he knew how we were forced to defy his very useful theorem.

And for some reason the doors to the library looked like they were ten million years old. And the library is freaking small. Like, FREAKING small. I can't believe they traded the formidable CJ Koh Library at Kent Ridge for that.

So there you have it. My first time venturing into the law library. Suffice it to say that I'm not looking forward to repeating it anytime soon.

2. A Series of Incomprehensible Lectures

Seriously. Whoever came up with Company Law must have been on crack. It's the worst thing ever, and the Worst Thing Ever can only be exacerbated by lecturers who go too damn fast. Rui didn't come for Company today and she totally didn't miss anything. In fact, she would've missed as much as I did if she were there. I was lost after, like, the third slide or something. And I'm really tempted to go on about how much I hate powerpoint slides and lectures that rely on powerpoint slides, but I haven't done my stupid Property tutorial and there's no time to waste and so I shan't.

Oh, and I got something in my previous entry wrong. It's Companies Act and not Company Act. Makes sense, doesn't it.

Like I even remotely give a damn. I'm gonna get a C for this module. Talk about deja vu, man.

3. The Oasis in the Sahara

I never thought this would be remotely possible. I tried to read my Islamic Law notes last night but got bored after a while because I was confused by all the terms and whatever else. I thought the lecture would be...I don't know, if not boring, then not interesting.

Sharply on the contrary, it totally wasn't. In fact, it was the best lecture ever. Seriously. Best lecture I've ever sat through in law school. And it really figures that the professor is a visiting professor, eh? Haha.

He was engaging, he was funny, he was real, he was unabashed about his biases. All the digs at America were hilarious. The lecture was effectively about two hours and thirty minutes but it really didn't feel like it. How I wish I had lecturers like that for all the crappy-ass eight-credit modules I'm forced to take!

4. The Impending Nightmare

I would love to write more but that blasted Property tutorial awaits. Oh how I can't wait to get started!/sarcasm.

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