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I've fallen sick for the second time in a month and so I'm all half-asleep and tired right now. As much as I know I should sleep early, I highly doubt I would. The earliest I've slept in the longest time was probably 12.

I'm feeling lazy, I don't feel like writing, but I made picture collages so what the hell.


Mel celebrated her 20th birthday at Gone Fishing (small cafe near our respective condominiums - love that place) last night. A couple of wankers (when I say 'couple', I really mean 'one') bailed on us, expectedly and unsurprisingly, but that's entirely their problem so who even gives a fuck. It was great seeing her again, as well as Peixuan whom I haven't seen since Walk the Line opened in cinemas. I didn't get to talk to Mel too much 'cause she was working and it was a bloody busy night. I had a great time all the same. I hope she did too, despite everything.

I've missed Mel and Pei so much that I didn't even realise how so until I saw them last night. Sometimes I do wish JC never ended because they're two of the most important people in my life whom I don't nearly see enough. We're all so completely different; in fact, if I had to pinpoint a common thread that runs through each of us, it'd probably be our love for Literature. And yet, somehow all our differences simply fall away whenever we hang out and talk and laugh and have fun, because that's just the way it is. And that's all there is to it.


Another historic moment: I wore make-up today.

More specifically, I went for a makeover thing at Red Earth. Why? Because it was free. It was some promotion thing for Esprit card members. If you want my honest opinion, I'm a VERY loyal Esprit customer; a sizeable 50% of my wardrobe is Esprit. Maybe that's why they sent me the SMS. Anyway, details aren't important.

So it was um. Well. When the girl was done putting all sorts of stuff on my face and I saw myself in the mirror, my first thought was, Fuck, I look like a drag queen lah!

I DEFINITELY look better without make-up. In fact, if popular opinion were to be trusted, I look like I'm wearing make-up when in fact I'm not. So why bother with the hassle of putting like ten million layers of eye-shadow on the eyelids and another ten million layers of foundation on the face everytime before I go out, just to come home and spend ten million years getting all that gunk off, when I look better without all that stuff?

Also, the extreme and ridiculous sensitivity of my skin had me worried the entire time that I was gonna wake up tomorrow morning with pus and pimples and rashes covering every conceivable surface of my face. Oh, and when the girl applied eye-liner to my lower lids I felt like I was gonna die. I couldn't stop worrying that she might accidentally poke my eye with it or something, or that some excess powder...thing would fall into my eyes - which would be REALLY bad considering I wear contacts, and that my eyes are extremely and ridiculously sensitive to weird things (i.e. dirt of all permutations and combinations).

I don't think you can really see the make-up in the pictures. In any case, she applied white-ish and purple-ish eyeshadow, some glittery thingy, and...I don't know, other stuff.

This is so not my schtick. I felt so liberated when I got home and got all of it off (took me a while, too). I will never, ever wear make-up. Ever.

(Okay, so yes, I'm narcissistic and annoying and vain. Um, too bad?)


I finished playing Aveyond at around 2 a.m. and I'm sad 'cause I don't have anymore games to play. Sigh.

(I'm going to rattle on a bit about the game so skip this part. In fact, skip it because I think what I'm about to type next would be rather damaging to my reputation. I'm becoming a geek. Next thing I know I'd be playing Dungeons and Dragons - oh my god.)

So Rhen married Dameon when I wanted her to end up with Lars. Well actually there were 2 other endings but they were crappy so I'll just pretend they don't exist. I only started using Dameon towards the end, when I was in that scary-ass place with all the crappy monsters that took forever to die. I like the vampress a lot.

I can't believe I'm talking about a game. This stops here.


Property tutorial was okay. I have a British tutor and he seems quite laid-back. At least, he doesn't call on people to answer questions and he doesn't have this 'no free-riders' thing (which I fucking hate) so I didn't feel too pressurised to say things in class. Nevertheless, I had close to no idea what was going on. I still can't remember what a fee simple is.

I'm not looking forward to Company tutorial because the tutor has the 'no free-riders' thing going on too, just like my Contract tutor. And we all know how traumatising Contract tutorials were for me.

Suckiness. I haven't done any work at all. I am dead.


Lastly, another Project Runway contestant I like got the boot. What the hell. I think my favourite contestant is the dude everyone hates, this major league asshole who talks trash about almost everyone's designs. I like his attitude, even though the tattoos on his neck are fugly as hell. And he did this amazing, gorgeous dress for that recycling challenge. I think he was robbed for that one; his was clearly the best of the lot.

Oh and I cannot stand Laura. She needs to cover up her breasts. Ugh. If MY mom dressed like she does I'd just die of embarrassment. Seriously.

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