anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

law school, the perpetual thorn in my you-know-where.

I don't feel like doing my Company tutorial. Two weeks of school have passed and yesterday I found myself reading the first few pages of the Introduction chapter of my Company textbook. Brilliant, Self.

Needless to say I didn't manage to finish the chapter before I found more interesting things to fix my attention on.

My mom got all pissed with me because I skipped out on the Mallals (s or no s? wait who cares) moots demonstration by lawyers from a big-ass law firm. To be honest the only reason I thought I'd go was because Mag asked me. THAT'S IT. I suppose I'm a horrible person, then, for not wanting to walk home in the sun lugging my heavy laptop from the stupid bus stop because no buses that stop outside the law faculty are useful enough to turn into my street. Yeah, okay. Whatever.

My mom was all, You should go! It's good for you!

The same way putting myself through law school even though I never wanted to do it is good for me? The same way being materialistic and money-minded is good for me? If you want me to flip a second time around, just force me to go for things I really don't give a damn about and I'll see to it that it's done.

It took a lot for me not to drop out. Don't make this any harder than it already is - especially considering how I have to force myself to do ten million hypotheticals on bloody Company Law later on when I couldn't even be the slightest bit bothered.

Suffice it to say, I think I know what is best for myself. She's still under some illusion that I may become some money-spinning lawyer in the future.

Not gonna happen. Not even remotely. Just wake up and smell the shit, once and for all.

(And bloody hell they hold the moots demonstration every year. She made it sound like I passed up on discovering the Holy Grail.)


I fucking hate Company Law.

And I think it's hilarious that I supposedly spent a year doing Contract but it was only until my Property tutor mentioned it on Friday that I knew the distinction between money damages and specific performance as remedies to breach of contract (the former is a common law remedy while the latter is an Equity remedy). Obviously I slept through 99.99% of the classes on Contract last year.

It really figures that history chooses to repeat itself, nevermind that I didn't exactly tell it to, and nevermind that I really, really do not want it to.

Company = Contract, the Second Coming.


I can't wait to come home from bloody Company tutorial to do my CLT readings tomorrow. At least CLT is human. And interesting. And doesn't completely bore me. And there's Prof. H to look forward to - too bad he'd be gone after this week, I think.

We really need more inspiring lecturers. Seriously.

Tags: law school, rant

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