anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

not as bad as it seems.

Company tutorial wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated, if only because my tutor was nice. Still, it goes without saying (or thinking) that I was hopelessly dazed and confused about 50% of the time.

I mean, seriously. If I wanted to take Business I wouldn't have applied to Law. You know? At the most fundamental level I didn't even know what a fucking 'share' is. I had to ask my mom why it is that public, unlisted companies can have shareholders as well, since I thought that 'shares' referred to the stuff people trade on the stock exchange.

I can already see a C for Company on my transcript. Brilliant, Self.

Still, I really wanna go for exchange so I'll try not to screw this up too badly. And the one time when I opened my mouth in class and sound in the form of words came out was when I asked the tutor to repeat something. She, like, goes super fast LAH. Ugh.

But she's nice, so that's good.

I can't decide if that's regardless of her comment about wanting to do periodic spot checks to make sure everyone has the Companies Act.

Well, whatever, nevermind.

Speaking of 'whatever nevermind', I'm officially tired of Nirvana and the Nevermind album (I've always hated the last song, Something in the Way, though). Way to go! I've outgrown the rock-grunge phase I embarked on when I was in Sec 1! Wow. The whole "I love Nirvana, dude!" thing just seems like a huge cliche to me now. Just because you listen to Nirvana, doesn't mean you're "alternative". And if you think that way, then...well, you're seriously deluded and need a major reality check.

I'm really hungry right now. It's only 5.29. I had a huge plate of mee goreng from the Indian Muslim stall for lunch for crying out loud. I'm contemplating whether or not I should eat a bit of my Ben and Jerry's pistachio whatever ice-cream.

That flavour, by the way, SUCKS LIKE HELL. I guess if you like almond and like nuts and like chewing on salty nuts (sexual connotations should be thrown out of the window NOW) amidst cold, sweet almond-y ice-cream, then it's the perfect flavour for you. Personally? I don't care for nuts (both sexual and otherwise), I don't like eating something that's both salty and sweet, and I'm not that crazy about almond. In fact, my feelings towards almond end at strained toleration - period.

It's all my mom's fault! She was like, I like something nutty. And because a small-ass pint of Ben and Jerry's costs about ten million dollars, I thought I'd choose something that she'd want to eat, hence the pistachio whatever. I wanted to buy Fossil Fuel at first, but...well.

Anyway, I actually talked to a girl from my tutorial class whom I didn't previously know on the shuttle bus. Like, how completely amazing is that? The conversation basically entailed us taking turns to bitch about Company and Contract. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know she existed prior to today. I really should socialise more.

Or not. Truth be told, I still can't be bothered.

I'm going to get ice-cream.

I have vouchers to Ministry of Sound! I think I should pop my clubbing cherry, just for the heck of it. And seriously, the only time when I'd enter a club is when I can do it without parting with a portion of my allowance. Why pay to enter a place where I'd stay for all of two seconds, right? Exactly.

I love being an Esprit card member (that's why I have the MoS vouchers). I need new clothes! I tried on a couple of jeans the other day after my makeover. I wanted to buy one actually, because my ass looked smaller in it and my thighs didn't look too fat, and I was even going to buy it, thinking it costs $70. But no! The only pair of size 38 jeans from EDC that I can squeeze into in recent memory just HAD to cost a hundred bloody dollars. I know I spend more than I should on clothes, but my mom doesn't and refuses to finance such needless splurging on what is ultimately Just A Pair of Jeans, and I don't have enough money in my retarded and stupid bank account to buy it myself.

How depressing!

Actually, it's not. I don't care, really. I bought a pair of jeans later on at Bossini anyway, simply because it was cheap and decent-looking. (Which reminds me - I haven't picked it up yet! I sent it for alteration. How shocking. I guess I'm not that tall after all.) It was kind of slightly too high-waist but hey, I have enough low-rise jeans to last me a lifetime, precisely because I don't wear jeans very often.

I need to get ice-cream. Watching Project Runway! I love that show.

Tags: clothes, food, law school

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