anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Hating the world tonight.

I just spoiled my evening by reading an article in the Guardian about some 800 cattle being ‘destroyed’ after they’ve been trapped on some shitty commercial ship for two months. And now I’m reeling, once again, from how utterly fucked up, barbaric and horrendous we are as a species.

First: destroyed? This word speaks volumes about how we view these sentient creatures: not as beings in themselves, but as things to be owned and ‘destroyed’.

Second: how are people still eating meat? It’s the 21st century. How are people—that is, people in developed modern societies with ample options and absolutely no necessity to eat meat—still blithely unaware and/or ignorant of the realities of where their food comes from? How are people still so absolutely dismissive and uncaring about the fact that farmed animals are sentient, have the capacity to feel pain, and have a subjective experience of themselves in the world? How do people not care that they’re not much different from us? I cannot understand the profound cognitive dissonance that people—perfectly decent and reasonable, if unenlightened because uncritical, people like most of my friends and family—are mired in. I really cannot.

Third: E and I had a discussion about raising Shrimpy as a vegan/vegetarian over the weekend. He’s nowhere near as committed to the morality as I am, and he’s also a scientist, so he had doubts about whether it wouldn’t harm Shrimpy in the long run. While I will not do anything that will harm my child, I absolutely do not want to raise a meat-eater. I would rather not have a child at all. Since I will be having this baby, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that he thrives on a plant-based diet. Whatever it takes.

Fourth: on nights like this, I cannot believe that I’m going to be bringing yet another human being into our fucked up world with its associated fucked up societal norms that so many perfectly decent but uncritical human beings do not question. Once again: how do people not care? How is it that only about 1% of the world’s population is vegan? What the hell is wrong with the rest of the 99%?
Tags: animals, shrimpy, vegan

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