anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

salutations to the bored: a survey

1.) Where would you love to be right now? I'd like to be sitting down somewhere nice, perhaps the Botanical Garden, with Gem and...well, yeah.

2.) Who would you want to hang out with today? The same person I have been wanting to hang out with since February 23.

3.) What's the most embarrassing clothing item you wore as a kid? Some stupid dress. It's white.

4.) What do you daydream about? A certain gorgeous waiter, Joaquin Phoenix, me being a best-selling poet/novellist, me being an Oscar-winning director.

5.) Who are some celebrities you'd like to date? Just Joaquin Phoenix. I'm not very choosy. :)

6.) What are you proudest of? My ability to write, 'cause seriously, I can't do much else.

7.) How would you describe yourself in a personals ad? 16-year-old female looking for a life. Wanna help? (I never claimed to be creative.)

8.) What kinds of things do you draw when you're bored? This one time when I was doing Maths, I got bored and started drawing Jack the Ripper.

9.) What is your earliest memory? My first time walking, and my dad/mom applying iodine to my knee when I fell down.

10.) What was your first pet? Two hamsters, Bucky and Bubbles. Needless to say, they're both dead.

11.) How did you find out about the birds and the bees? One of these: Books, movies, Internet.

12.) What's your most overused word and/or phrase? "Oh, my god!", "Shit!", "Dammit!".

13.) Who was the first celebrity you ever had a picture of on your wall? The Backstreet Boys.

14.) What is your favorite single of 2002 so far? I don't follow the music scene anymore. I just listen to whatever I desire, but I do like Alanis M.'s new album.

15.) What's the worst clothing item you actually wear? I don't know. My clothes are pretty tame.

16.) What's the shortest time you've ever dated someone? Not applicable.

17.) What's the quickest amount of time it takes you to get ready to go somewhere? 5 minutes. For school. We have uniforms, you see.

18.) What's been the slowest day of your life ever? There was one day when it felt like time was just CRAWLING. It was a Monday, and it was during Physics. I'd look up every what felt like 15 minutes, and discover that only 5 minutes had pass. Man, I was really falling asleep.

19.) What's your opinion of people who lie about their age? Whatever, man. Not my problem.

20.) If you met yourself as a 10-year-old, what would you think of yourself? She is such an irritating kid. That's what I think of most kids.

21.) Who are your biggest fashion inspirations? I don't care about fashion at all, unless we're talking about the political aspect of it. I'm anti-animal skin, so I guess PETA.

22.) If you were President, what would be the first law you would pass? I don't think the President gets to pass laws here, but um, no religion in schools! No preaching! I hate it so much, nevermind that I go to a Catholic school.

23.) If someone unexpectedly came to your house, what would you most likely be doing? Internet, diary, music, or some school work. Or I'd be watching TV.

24.) Would you ever consider plastic surgery? If yes, what? Nope.

25.) What was your favorite childhood toy? I don't remember. How sad.

26.) Which product would you love to advertise? This is hard. I'll get myself off the hook and say I'm anti-advertising.

27.) What's in your trash can? Crap.

28.) How do you let others know when you're po'd? Like, what's po'd?

29.) When was your last kiss? Who was it? How was it? *sigh*

30.) Have you ever been sent out of class? Yeah, I got sent out of Chinese this year because I didn't hand in my composition. But when I did, the teacher said it was brilliant. So, HA!

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