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Good news!

1. The matter that's going to trial in September is officially NONE OF MY BUSINESS because we were discharged by the client today. HOORAY!

2. I went for an appeal this morning and in the lift Boss asked, "Where's your robe?" I cleverly went, "Um, I didn't know I needed one." If it weren't for the whole MC fiasco of last week and how I pretty much saved the day with the help of my wonderful intern, I think I would've been fired for that remark alone.

2a. I ended up borrowing a court robe from the most convenient partner, who also happens to wear an XL. So I stood before Vee Kay Raj@h swimming in my court robe. It wasn't fun at all.

2b. The appeal also wasn't fun because the judge basically said POLICY OVERRIDES EVERYTHING and kind of made us withdraw the appeal. Boss barely got to argue anything beyond 5 minutes and I was quite sad because I thought our case was pretty strong, AND because I wanted to hear the submissions that I drafted being argued in court. Ah well.

2c. Poor client though. He looked really sad at the end of it.

3. I also got to witness two appellants in person this morning. One of them was quite tragic: she set out her sob story in hopes of having her disqualification from driving of 2 years reduced (or whatever; can't remember) but it didn't work. The judge told her that while he was sympathetic to her situation, his hands are tied, he was bound by the finding of fact in the lower court, he was not convinced that the lower court erred in law; thus, the sentence had to stand. The woman was really pissed at the end of it. It made me quite sad because an appellant in person basically has no chance of winning, because how's a layperson to know how to structure an appeal? The judge was also right in whatever he said (duh, it's Vee Kay. Of course he's right) but a layperson isn't going to understand these rules and would just think that judges, the courts in general, don't give a damn about the common person. It's untrue, really; I believed Vee Kay when he said he was sympathetic towards her. But she didn't understand what he said to her because it was beyond the reach of her ability to understand.

3a. On a brighter note, the other guy won his appeal. Not so much because he knew what he was doing - he also offered mitigating reasons, like the first woman, which have little relevance in an appeal court. He won because the sentence imposed in the first place was wrong. He just showed up and didn't really have to do anything.

3b. The Swiss guy who's convicted of vandalising the MRT train was also supposed to have his appeal heard this morning but it got adjourned to Friday. Damn! That would've been interesting too. I saw him in his orange jumpsuit in the dock. Needless to say, my heart goes out to him for the simple reason that caning is fucking barbaric and it makes NO SENSE to cane someone for vandalising the stupid MRT. For crying out loud, his "vandalism" actually made the boring MRT much more pleasing on the eyes. In fact, all our MRTs should look like that.

3c. This country is actually really boring.

4. One of my best friends got engaged. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER! I was literally close to tears when she told me over the phone. If anyone deserves happiness of this magnitude, it's definitely her. :)



5. Nalby won Legg Mason in Washington! I got up to watch a bit but got irritated at how neither guy could hold serve in the second set (and thus hold on to a lead) so I went to sleep when it was 3-2, Nalby to serve. That was a good decision because the second set ended with a tie-break. I would not have been able to stay awake for that.

Yay for Nalby though! The last time he contested a final was January 2009. And seriously, his to die for. He's the rival that is deserving of Roger, not Nadal. If only Nalby had been in Nadal's shoes all these years.
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