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and the oscar goes to...

I take back what I said about wanting to tape the repeat telecast of the Oscars. I went on to find out more about Elijah Wood's supposed collaboration with Mandy Moore on a film adaptation of one of Sarah Dessen's books, and the first thing I saw was the poster for "A Beautiful Mind". It didn't occur to me to read the heading of that whole paragraph. I went on to read the paragraph itself, and was extremely, utterly disappointed to see that "Lord of the Rings" did not win Best Picture. In fact, it won four out thirteen awards. And I thought Gladiator's 5 last year were bad enough!

Man, this sucks. Have they seen The Lord of the Rings? I mean, seriously. Next to it, "A Beautiful Mind" is like a dull piece of celluloid about one of the most boring subjects in the world: mathematics. It can't even COMPARE. My only consolation is that "LOTR" is a trilogy, and there are 2 more parts, but dammit, how in the bloody fuck can fucking Moulin Rouge! win best bloody COSTUME??????? That is just not possible, and so wrong! I liked Moulin Rouge, but hello, it's nothing compared to "LOTR"! (Have I already said that about "ABM"?) And Ron Howard for Best Director? ABM for Best Adapted Screenplay? Has the stupid voters READ "The Lord of the Rings" and ATTEMPTED to write a fucking screenplay for it? WHAT the hell were they on?

I'm not going to say anything about Russell Crowe not winning Best Actor, 'cause I could really care less, but DAMMIT! "LOTR" *is* Best Picture!

I am not taping the damn show anymore.

Tags: lord of the rings, rant

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