anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

love makes the world go round

Got back a bunch of tests today.

Literature: 18/25

Geography: 7/15

Chinese: 67/100

The composition: 78/100

The Chinese test was the same one I attempted all by myself with no external help (i.e. I did not cheat). The damn construction of sentences crap gave me only 5 marks, out of 21. Truth be told, I was quite upset, but Yunnie showed that she cared and I felt better.

I listened to my heartbeat this morning. I laid my head on the table with my ear against my left wrist, and I could feel my pulse against my skin. It was the weirdest sensation. These soft thuds that we barely feel or give a mind to are confirmations of life, and once they stop, that's the end. I'm trying to find a way to connect with myself, because most of the time, my body and my mind, and my soul seem to exist on different astral planes.

Unfortunately, I have to study. I hate that.

Yeah, could you tell I have nothing to write about? Well, I don't.

Tags: grades, personal, random, secondary school

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