anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

poem: eyes wide shut

My eyes are closed, but I'm not asleep
The lights are off; I can't see
in the blinding darkness
but it liberates me from ordinariness.

I venture into Fantasia
where I become Queen.
And it's really amazing,
how the delicate intricacies of the dark
could spark such brilliant

images from an otherwise
dull existence. I can feel
my way around the dimness of this world.
I feed of its air and survive on its
and he comes in ultimate beauty

and perfection. he takes my breath away.
together we live as one,
under the artificial dome of stars
that shine upon us,
bathing us in incredible light.

this I can't get on Planet Earth.

I don't want to wake up just yet
for the day is far too bright.


This is not one of my best work...not even close.

Tags: poems

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