anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

stupid things

A few things that have made me laugh recently:

1) Stupid Steven Seagal getting sued.

2) The fact that he's a Buddhist.

3) Steven Seagal getting sued.

4) Steven Seagal getting sued.

5) Did I mention Steven Seagal getting sued?

6) Grace acting as Hermione in me and my friends' version of "Harry Potter" (I was forced to play Harry, of all people) that was done for the ECA.

7) Armpit hair. Immature, I know, but you have to hear the way this friend of mine described her teacher's. It was sooooooooooooooo funny.

8) "A Beautiful Mind" winning Best Picture, and I don't mean laughing with humour. More like the exact opposite.

9) Well, I can't remember.

I got 15/30 for my lausai (loci/locus) test. Whatever. Yesterday while I was typing a note to Blacwynter, my head started to spin and I was attacked by a bout of dizziness that lasted for a minute. It was bad. I suspect I have some sort of a tumour or something in my brain. Aha.

Once again I have nothing to type. I like Alanis Morissette's "Narssicus", I think that's how it's spelled. Actually, I don't know, so...

Okay, I hate people. I was on the MRT this evening on my way home and it was very crowded, and I was in the middle of two people and I wasn't near enough to either railings, or the door, so I couldn't hold on to anything if I should fall. I had to rely on my useless legs for support. They were quivering, and I was so giddy and everything, I had this expression on my face like, "Y'all suck, man!" Nobody bothered to move or anything to allow me to reach the stupid railings thing. I was so unbalanced, like I was going to fall any minute. I'm thinking now if I did fall into someone, I would so totally laugh.

People just suck.

Tags: friends, grades, lists, movies, mrt experience, rant, secondary school

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