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saturday 8: eggs

  1. Do you celebrate Easter? If you do, tell us about your most memorable Easter memory!

    No, I don't celebrate Easter. I didn't even know Good Friday and Easter are related. When is Easter?

  2. Do you like eggs?

    Generally, no.

  3. If you have any favorite recipe that uses eggs as the main ingredient, do you mind to share the recipe with us? If you don't, how are eggs best served according to you?

    Scrambled with dried carrot and a lot of salt.

  4. Do you eat any other eggs beside chicken eggs? What are they? (This questions sound stupid, but believe me: Asians eat many kinds of eggs!)

    Yeah, there are quails eggs, among other stuff. I only eat chicken eggs, but like I said earlier on, I'm not a big fan of eggs.

  5. Chicken or egg first?

    Depends on who you're asking.

  6. Can you explain why cowards are called as "chickens"?

    Because "cows" was already taken.

  7. ... and why girls are called "chicks"?

    From the Spanish word for 'girls', chica. (At least, I think 'chica' is the Spanish word for 'girls'...)

  8. Do you have any plan to do this Easter Sunday? Or if you don't celebrate it, any plan for the week end?

    Oh. Easter is today. Tomorrow is Monday, which means the weekend is almost over. I spent it at home doing nothing. Fun, ain't it?

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