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I feel like I should explain something about one of the things I've written (translation: a bad poem), Utopia. I got 14, I think, reviews for it, and about half seem to think it was about suicide. Well, it's not. I wrote it when I was thinking about how fucked up the world really is, hence the whole thing about the gun. It's supposed to signify violence and destruction, hence the description of blood on white walls. And the conclusion, "I don't like this fucked-up orb/it's too much death and gold-hungry sheep/will you take my hand/and follow me to Utopia?/I promise, it's much better there." Something like that, I can't remember things well. It's um, it's about the desires in a person for a better world, hence "Utopia", hence "it's much better there", for it is.

I can see why it's misinterpreted as suicide though...the gun, and utopia, and blood, especially me squeezing the trigger. Yep.

Tags: writing
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