anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Today, I.

1. Ate gross oyster mianxian at this Taiwanese restaurant at Joo Chiat. I ordered it to try. I took one mouth of it and was instantly grossed out. Took another mouth just to confirm - and when the waitress said the dubious-looking bits in the soup are some intestine nonsense, I passed the whole bowl to my mom.

2. Mom also couldn't tahan. Left the whole bowl for the waitress to take back.

3. Bro had wisdom tooth op. Laughed in a mean-spirited manner at him before and after. I'm mean.

4. Had yummy coffee eclair at some cafe next to the Taiwanese place. It was probably the closest to authentic French eclairs that I've found in Singapore. But the filling wasn't even nearly as rich and yummy as the Paris one though. Still, it was good. One of the best I've tried in Singapore, if not the best.

4.1. Yes, I'm still hunting for French-like eclairs. If I need a reason to miss Paris, the eclair is it. It's fucking amazing, such that I have NO WORDS to describe how damn good it is. Seriously. SERIOUSFUCKINGLY. That good, yes.

5. Just did FMS file. Totally hilarious how it's so Project Work, the way I was making up attendance notes from meetings with the fake client that never took place, exactly like the way Simon, Samantha, Xiuhan, Jingbei and I met at Woodlands library once and made up minutes of meetings that never took place to put in the stupid file. I think for that effort alone we deserved a 1, but alas, only got a 2. But anyway, I wasn't gonna bother with attendance notes but the tutor said he'd look out for them so I thought I better make something up. Sigh. PW was six years ago, for crying out loud.

6. Really liked this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Usually I watch the show because there's nothing else to watch, and because it's entertaining; I don't see it as anything more than that. This week's episode was a bit more than pure entertainmnent though. It achieved what last week's episode didn't: Suspense. And it kept my interest. Maybe I'm dense but I didn't know if the spinal tumour guy was gonna live or not ('cause McDreamy has killed patients in the past, duh). So that kept me interested. And a Derek-centric episode wasn't actually boring, like I initially thought.

6.1. Totally miss Meredith though. She was annoying in the beginning but this show is weird without her.


8. Roger lost his doubles match last night. It was very sad. He partnered this super cute Swiss guy (duh) and they lost 4-6, 3-6. They got broken on Roger's serve the second set. Boo. Their opponents kept hitting to Roger's partner, but then again, Roger had trouble volleying; he volleyed straight into the net on break point, second set (I think. Or was it the opponents' set point on their serve in the first set?). BUT he whipped this AWESOME forehand winner though, which was rare 'cause his opponents were really like a wall at the net, returning everybloodything Roger groundstroke-d at them.

8.1. Doubles are boring. I only watch when 1) I'm really bored; and 2) Roger's playing. He doesn't play doubles much so thank goodness I'm spared from doubles more frequently than not.

8.2. He's a much better singles player. Duh.

8.3. He plays at 4 a.m. I think I'm gonna watch. Yay!

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