anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Cry me a fucking river.

Feeling moody and weepy. Don't know why. I hope it's PMS or something 'cause I missed my period last month which is never a good thing under any and all circumstances.

Feel like my life is ending and it's probably true. Feel like everything is spiralling out of control. Feel like nothing's capable of making me happy. Feel like I've done nothing I set out to accomplish.

Feel like I'm failing at life, basically.

And these exams? Feel no motivation to study because I still don't care.

Feel lost, confused, bewildered.

Feel like we won't have time for each other anymore.

This is not a good day. It hasn't been a good day. Feel annoyed and aimless and pointless; feel like I'm slowly losing grip on my own life.


And now I have to do an assignment for which I care 0%, one that's already late to boot, but I didn't even care enough to submit today because that's how little I care.

At times like now, I just want you to hold me. But you're not here. Not even virtually.

Tags: angst, personal

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