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The 28th of Octber was Wei Chuen and I's four months. We played tennis at my other condo (one that actually has a court, unlike the one I live in). It was fun. It was the first time we played tennis together since we got together. It was really fun. The first two times we played - especially the first time - it was slightly awkward at times (when we weren't on opposite ends of the court) 'cause we weren't that close, but now...well.

It was hilarious at first 'cause he couldn't get the ball past the net. He did his usual squash thing and slammed the ball straight into the net and I couldn't stop laughing. After a while though his usual squash thing had me lunging for the ball, and missing completely. He did some forehand thing that pushed the ball wide to my forehand side, and just when I thought I was in position to hit it, the ball skidded away from me and I swung at nothing but air. That happened a few times. It was all kinds of sad.

One thing's for sure though: I could actually retrieve his balls. A few months ago whenever he did his squash slice thing I'd be completely dumbfounded, rooted to the spot, or surprised when the ball bounced towards my body. I was still too close to the ball at times (especially the backhand. Though the forehand needs to stop scooping, seriously) but managed to hit some back, and pretty deep too.

I was DAMN PISSED when I missed two easy drive volleys that I made perfectly before (that Sunday afternoon against Thx U - awesome max) though. Wei Chuen said it was a difficult shot BUT IT'S REALLY NOT 'cause the only kind of volley that I can do are drive volleys (swing volleys?), AND I DID IT BEFORE. It's just like a normal groundstroke except you hit the ball in the air, before it lands. And the ones I missed were both at the backhand side which made missing them even worse.

Wei Chuen hit to my forehand 95% of the time. Which was not good. After a while my right arm was so tired I couldn't underhand serve properly. What the fuck, right? He said my serves couldn't make it over the net 80% of the time - which is completely not true, by the way - and that was really because he worked my right arm to death. I've never had to hit so freaking many forehands before. I almost died, especially since my forehand really sucks. It's got better but it's still shit and I have no strength so it breaks down really fast. I think I only hit two consecutive okay-to-good forehands today. It was damn sad.

We also played in the dark for a few minutes, when it hit 7 p.m. For some reason the guard didn't turn on the court lights so it was really in the dark. We stopped when we both couldn't see the freaking ball, which makes me wonder...HOW THE BLOODY HELL DID ROGER AND NADAL PLAY THE 2008 WIMBLEDON FINAL IN THE DARKNESS? Actually I'm not sure if there were lights on. Should have right? Because I really couldn't see the fucking ball. When he hit one over the net I was all, "Huh where's the ball?" and when I saw it it was too late for me to do anything. I can't imagine how the final was played if there were really no lights.

Anyway, we had dinner at Food Republic afterwards ('cause the condo's 5 minutes away from town via a short cut, which became a long cut 'cause I turned wrongly. I said to him, "My direction sense tells me to turn left." He replied, "Then you should turn right." And he was right. Boo) during which he lost his $50 note. One minute it was in his pocket; the next minute it was gone. And quite literally so. He was more perplexed than sad.

At least he didn't drop it into a drain this time. I think. Is that worse or is this worse? He's a blur sotong. He's damn cute. He bought a drink and when I asked him what it was he said, "I bought Mountain Dew. I forgot I wanted barley. When I reached there I didn't know what to do."

Omg he's so adorable. I love him very much. I didn't realise it until he said it, but I feel closer to him today than recently - mainly because I've been getting upset with him over stupid things lately and making things unpleasant. Had a bit of a fight Monday night over I don't even bloody know what, and when he said, "Am I fucking psychic?" to me in a tone he's never used on me before, I kind of lost it. I hate crying and talking at the same time 'cause I sound damn bad but...yeah, couldn't help it.

I'd explain what it was about, except I can't. Just me being a girl, I guess.

On a random note, I need to learn how to do a slice. Last Saturday - two Saturdays ago - NUS Wall Guy pointed out to me this guy with no backhand; he sliced every single backhand. NUS Wall Guy said the guy's probably self-taught 'cause the slice comes more naturally than the normal topspin shot. I was all, "Er but I can't slice, sad face."


Oh wait, actually, that's not really true. I hit an overhead serve today (while Wei Chuen went out to see if he could turn on the lights; didn't wanna do it while he was there in case he laughed at me, sad face) and it was IN. Of course the next one was shit and I stopped immediately, but at least 50% was good!

Okay I'm damn tired. Tennis again tomorrow morning and need to wash clothes so shall talk about one last thing before I post.

Tuesday night dinner with Mag, Jean, Chloe and Ven at Pasta Brava (?) was awesome. Food was great, company was excellent, and after dinner we walked around the area, looking at RLDs (acronym coined by my True Blue Singaporean Friend, Miss Mag) and whatnot, and entertaining Mag's stupid one-word game. She made us all converse in one-word "sentences" and then she went on to cheat by saying four words in one turn and thinking she could get away with it by putting a full stop between words. CHEAT MAG CHEAT!

And oh yeah over dinner she said something damn funny. HAHAHAHA. Peranakan. That is all.

Oh and I couldn't stop laughing at Ven, who ordered the squid ink pasta. HAHA I STILL LAUGH WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT. THey all ate Ven's leftovers and Chloe was the most unglam. Mag took a scary vampire picture of Chloe with her teeth all black. DAMN FUNNY. I want the picture!


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