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After the FMS thing yesterday, Wei Chuen and I met at Great World City because we couldn't think of anywhere else to go. He was supposed to come up with a place while I had my hearing but when I checked my phone afterwards, I got this: "Um can't think of anywhere. How."

He's so helpful, right? I know.

Anyway, I had no idea how to get to Great World from Raffles Place. I turned, with a significant degree of caution, in the general direction of Tanjong Pagar, thinking I'd eventually find my way to Great World.

But nooo. I turned into Bukit Merah which was totally the wrong thing to do. A U-Turn later, I was back at Outram MRT Station (which, thankfully, I recognised), and was about to drive down to Eu Tong Sen street when the ERP gentry stopped me.

Thankfully it did. Because ETS would've been wrong, I think. In any case, I was stuck behind some stupid car that stopped in the middle of the left lane with its hazard lights on, and traffic was so heavy that I couldn't turn out at all. Thankfully I got stuck there, because I thankfully saw Bus 970 in front of me. And I thankfully knew that the bus goes to Great World.

SO I FOLLOWED THE BUS. I followed the bus all the way to somewhere that looked familiar, and the bus took me to Zion Road. It started moving too slowly after a while; when it was a few cars ahead of me at first, a while later I was directly behind it (once I purposely drove really slowly next to it, on the adjacent lane, when it was pulling out of a bus stop, so that I could follow behind it. I GAVE WAY TO THE BUS!), and another while later I decided it was too slow, that I could find my way, and overtook.

When I saw Great World I was quite thrilled, not gonna lie. It was good. And I didn't get lost, not really, not significantly. Don't think I wasted much petrol too. I think.

Wei Chuen was irritated when he arrived and met me. I texted him that I'd meet him at Zara, but got distracted by a pair of heels in Bata. I called him to tell him that I was looking at shoes, but his phone rang, then the line got cut off. I texted him to tell him where I was but I received no reply. A few minutes later, my phone rang - he was at a pay phone because his phone died. He went to Zara and couldn't find me; where was I?

Oh my god, I felt so bad. He had to walk everywhere and he was already nursing a headache, and he had to pay peak hour rates to cab there, not to mention the extra charge caused by the traffic jam. SO POOR THING RIGHT? I know. So sad.

We had dinner at Fish and Co 'cause there was nothing else to eat and I was hungry and didn't wanna walk around for other things. Then I bought my shoes. We're about the same height when I hear heels. It's funny. After that we went to TCC for drinks. The first time we went there, he liked it 'cause it was quiet. Last night? There was this group of 20-somethings celebrating someone's birthday, and they were FUCKING NOISY. I can't remember how many times I glowered at them and rolled my eyes at them. At one point this birthday helium balloon detached itself from the bottle of wine it was tied to and floated to the ceiling. That prompted a flurry of activity from the already busy bunch, involving a couple of guys trying to get it down, this tall guy who refused to jump up even though he wasn't tall enough, and eventually this short guy played the hero and started jumping up and down like some fucking monkey. I half-wanted him to trip and land face-first onto the table.

He got the damn balloon and they were all, "OMG SO HEROIC!1!J!H!!!1!~!!!"

Give me a fucking break. Especially the girl in black, possibly the birthday girl. She was SO obnoxious. Her laughter was the equivalent of the laughter of two grown men. I wanted to slap the shit out of her. I mean, what is this? Wei Chuen later told me they are doctors; he heard them talking about their time in med school.

Er, okay.

Anyway, we drove to my house where I retrieved my Tiffany & Co box so that we could open it together (I forgot to bring it out when I was rushing to the FMS thing). We went up to the rooftop barbecue pit on the 9th floor and sat down on the bench beside each other.

Wei Chuen looked at the box and held it in his hands, then turned to me. "So is this the grand opening ceremony?"

I laughed, as usual, and said something to the effect of "don't mock me".

He tugged at one side of the ribbon. I almost asked him to stop; in fact, I inhaled audibly, and said, "Doooon't!"

He ignored me and kept pulling. Then, in a show of solidarity, he said, "Since you are a lamer, you can pull the other side."

The ribbon came off. He opened the box to reveal this:

It's a cupcake. It's supposed to be a charm that you can hook to one of their bracelets, their special charm bracelets that come complete with hooks on the rings. I wanted to hook it on the charm bracelet that my mom bought from Lee Hwa a while back, but it doesn't come with a hook and Wei Chuen said it wouldn't look nice with the big hook on my bracelet 'cause the proportions would be all wrong. I trusted his judgment, since he's the artist, not me. I decided that I'd wear the cupcake as a pendant instead. (He actually said I should get the bracelet but I saw the price and knew instantly it was not even an option.)

It's a pink cupcake and I love it. I'm not going to say why he bought me the cupcake, so those that know why, good for you!

I love him so much. I told him today at his place that the cupcake symbolises his love for me. HAHA. And needless to say, I'd guard it jealously and properly. Just like I'd guard him in the same fashion.

After he put the cupcake back into the box, he tried to tie the ribbon back to the way it was before he untied it. This was the result:

He said, "I have decided that it's very artistic. I like it."

I couldn't stop laughing.


I was being a complete girl last night and he was very sweet about. He's very sweet. He puts up with my clingy, girly nonsense and doesn't make me feel like I'm a burden, even though I probably am. I think I lose patience with him more than he does with me. To be fair, I think I'm more impatient than him, but still. It's no excuse.

He's everything to me. This morning while he was holding me close to him I once again felt like I was bursting at the seams with so much love for him that I almost cried. Then he whispered, "I love you."

The night he was sick, right before he slept he texted me, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when the skies are grey..."

In the middle of rushing the Comm Prac assignment, I cried. He's my sunshine too.

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