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I love:

Dean's List prize ceremony/tea thing

Dean's List prize ceremony/tea thing. Mag and I with the Dean

Mag is The Bomb (and thus she's like totally my boomzest friend). I skipped class today to get my stupid stomach checked (been hurting for the past two nights from indigestion and whatever else. I'd pay good money for a stomach transplant, I think) and beseeched Mag to help me print my CPCM assignment and hand it in for me. Not only did she kindly oblige, she also helped me correct the form that I used for the Petition to Appeal or whatever it was called, despite the fact that she emailed me the correct one. I copied off Form 42 of the Criminal Procedure Code, thinking it was the right one (IT WAS 3 A.M. I WAS HALF DEAD MY BRAIN WASN'T THINKING!), but it turned out it was the wrong one. And she changed it for me! Omg isn't that totally amazing? I think it is!

Quite apart from that, though, she's just an amazing friend. There aren't many people I'd intuitively and instinctively miss if I left the country for an extended period of time. Mag's one of them. Mag's one of the rare few. I'm infinitely fortunate to have her as a friend, and I hope nothing ever drives us apart. 'Cause, yeah, I'd be devastated if we weren't friends anymore.


More pictures from the ceremony:

Dean's List prize ceremony/tea thing. I wonder who this is.

On stage. I hate going on stage.


I love:

At Sheraton bar. A couple of weeks back.

Yesterday at CityLink's Starbucks. OMG MY BAD ANGLE EW YUCKS FAINTS DIES.

We watched (500) Days of Summer yesterday and I didn't like it. I couldn't really get into the movie and I think missing the first 5 minutes played a significant role in that. The whole film I was wondering, "Um why did they break up?" And yeah, I don't know. I don't care. I thought it'd be really good but it wasn't, and it just didn't resonate with me emotionally. And such films are supposed to. I watch films like that for the emotional resonance. This one fell flat.

Quite disappointing, especially since I was really looking forward to it. Oh well.

During one of the last scenes, the park bench one, Wei Chuen was fascinated by how Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked like Heath Ledger from a certain angle. Then he decided JG-L looked like...shit, I forgot who it was. OH NO.

But anyway, my point is basically that the Heath Ledger/The Other Guy's resemblance was about the only thing that got him interested. He was more interested in me than the movie.

Not that I'm complaining.


Also, this:

The content of the box will be revealed on this space when we open the box together. I know what it is; I hinted to him that I wanted it haha. I was gonna open it last night and take pictures so that I can have a Girly Picture Post but the box is so pretty that I couldn't bear to untie the ribbon, and now I have decided that I want to open it with him.

I'm such a girl, omg, please gag me and kill me now.

But still - I'm a happy girl.

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