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I want to be Roger Federer.

First, Roger hit a between-the-legs winner in his first-round US Open match against Brian Dabul, much like the one he hit last year against Novak Djokovic. What I really want to talk about is HOW PRECIOUS HIS EXPRESSION WAS AFTER HE HIT IT:

I enjoyed the match - he played a good solid one, beating Dabul 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. But I got a bit bored towards the end as it was so one-sided that it was all Roger from start to finish. I mean, the fact that Roger hit 44 winners to Dabul's 4 says a lot.

Roger ripped an AMAZING forehand down-the-line after that 'tweener, which I hoped they would replay, but they chose the tweener instead. Yeah it was cool and awesome but I would've preferred the forehand.

Nevertheless, a video of the 'tweener:

(I'm too lazy to use LJ Cut)


Anyway, I shall move on now to explain why I want to be Roger Federer, and why being him would let me have the perfect life:

1. I wouldn't be a lawyer;
2. I'd be doing something I love for a living;
3. I'd be filthy rich doing that something I love for a living;
4. My wife wouldn't even have to work;
5. My parents wouldn't get on my case about not having "a real job";
6. I'd be shitting money every time I go to the toilet;
7. I'd get free Nike outfits, free Wilson racquets, free Rolex watches, free Lindt chocolates, and free Jura coffee machines;
8. I wouldn't be a lawyer - have I mentioned this already?;
9. I'd be so damn good at my job that I could retire right now and live a comfortable retirement for the rest of my life;
10. I'd be so damn famous that after I retire, I'd be able to do whatever I want;
11. I'd be able to do whatever I want because I'd have all the money in the world to make that happen;
12. I'd be playing tennis on the biggest platforms in the world;
13. I'd be a part of history forever, and I'd only be 29;
14. The biggest problem I'd ever have to deal with is stupid journalists writing shit about me, which would be fine because I'd just prove them all wrong by winning two more Grand Slams;
15. At one point in my life I would be the UN Goodwill Ambassador, AND would get to meet Kofi Annan;
16. I can join the UN after I retire without a Masters degree, and without going through any interviews;
17. I wouldn't be stuck in an office all day long wishing I were somewhere else;
18. I wouldn't need to deal with annoying people who seem to make it their mission in life to annoy the shit out of me;
19. In case anyone forgot, I wouldn't need to be a lawyer; and
20. I wouldn't need to be a lawyer.

Actually, I wouldn't mind being Maria Sharapova. She's hot, she's rich, she's damn good at what she does, and she gets free awesome outfits. And she wouldn't need to worry about not finding a boyfriend due to her massive height as she's dating a basketball player anyway.

More seriously, I've reached a point where every other thing in the world sounds more palatable than what I'm currently doing. I don't feel like there's much of a point to this, certainly don't feel like I'm heading anywhere, and I can't help but feel utterly useless, a failure, for simply not knowing the answer to these questions. I have to know these things; I have to be better than my current state. But that's not happening so far. I don't even know.

On a lighter note, I saw this on my friend's Facebook wall and couldn't help but roll my eyes so hard until they hurt:

[Name of my friend's lame-ass friend] When is my subpoena for attend your court hearing?

First up, what brilliant English. Second of all, it really makes me cringe in horror, not to mention tick me off, when non-law people make references to these law crap and get it wrong. I don't know why I bristle in horror so. Maybe it's because I can't stand idiocy and such displays of idiocy are too blatant for me to overlook. Maybe it's because I hate this job so much that it freaking annoys the hell out of me when people who don't have to deal with this torture somehow find it necessary to avail themselves to the existence of this thing called the law - or more accurately, in the context of the quote, legal procedure - without realising how bloody good they have it.

Of course, the converse can be said about me, that I don't realise how bloody good I have it. Bu that's precisely it: I don't get it because all I know is that I haven't stopped feeling miserable, and that I can't help but wonder why I didn't just leave when I had an out after pupillage.

Then again, I know the reasons for staying. The problem is that I can't stay focused. My mind wanders around the rigged paths that the negative voices in my head cajole it towards, and I'd be the pro tennis player who serves a double fault when facing break point.

Next time, I'd just say to myself, "FED, GIVE ME STRENGTH."


On a brighter note, I went to work depressed as hell but was considerably cheered up by Mag. I shall reproduce her blog entry with some slight tweaks:

(a) Read Wikipedia entry for Paranormal;

(b) Read Wikipedia entry for Chucky 1 to 3, plus Bride of Chucky;

(c) Read the official website for Haunted Changi film;

(d) Read Wikipedia entry for Blair Witch Project;

(e) [She] read Wikipedia entry for Cloverfield; (actually I forgot to read this hahaha. Must've been distracted by work)

(f) Checked out the new stuff on Reebonz;

(g) Talked about learning new languages;

(h) [She] checked out Eat, Pray, Love;

(i) Made funny sounds (secret – hee hee) and laughed damn loud;

(j) Went for lunch and strolled around RP after with Meow Meow milk tea;

(k) Tried to swop slots with a senior associate for Sat’s moot judging and started laughing when the swimming trunks joke was cracked;

(l) Got asked why we were dressed so casually for work;

(m) Bitched;

(n) Laughed at "in-meal flights"; and

(n) Other usual silly stuff we try to do to preserve our sanity.

Heehee! I love Mag. :)


Lastly, I think volcanoes are scary as hell, and also morbidly fascinating. The fascination started when my mom and I went up some mountain/hill/dunno what in Indonesia to view a volcano. It was cloudy that day, so we didn't get to see much; but the clouds cleared for about 5 minutes for a while and we got to see the top of Mount Merapi unobscured by the clouds, against a baby blue sky.

It was breath-taking.

Before that we viewed a close-up, slow-mo video of Mount Merapi erupting. The Indonesians were smart: they paired it with ominous, dooms-day music that built up to a crescendo as the volcano began to erupt. It wasn't an explosion of dark ash like I thought; it was a slow building up of red hot lava beneath the surface that slowly pushes its way out of the surface of the volcano. I felt a genuine chill run down my spine as I watched the red-orange liquid slide threateningly down the edge of the volcano while the music played in the background.

The Thera volcano that erupted in the present-day Greek island of Santorini 3,500 years ago effectively wiped out the Minoan civilisation. I can't even conceive of what experiencing a volcanic eruption would be like. Of course, if that ever happened, I'd be quite sure I wouldn't be alive to tell the tale.
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