anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,


Here's an absolute: If I ever became a corporate lawyer, I'd be sued for malpractice faster than I could collect my first proper paycheck.

To say that I haven't the slightest fucking idea what I'm doing for the Commercial Practice assignment is pretty much the biggest understatement of the year. Of. The. Year. And I have been very understated in expressing my hate for Conveyancing. I have zero business sense, and the best part is that I genuinely, whole-heartedly couldn't possibly care any less. If it interested me even a little, it wouldn't be so bad; but oh my god, I cannot begin to say how much I really don't care. At all.

Screw your assets and/or shares. Tell your problem to someone who cares - sure as hell ain't me.

And what the fuck is this SGX announcement nonsense? Been Googling for a while now and still don't know what it is. The question says what SGX announcements, then goes on to ask me to draft an announcement, singular.

WHAT THE FUCK?! Confused max.

Whatever. Tired. Going to sleep.

Tags: plc, rant

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