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I like Kim Clijsters for sure, but I'm so rooting for Vera to win her first Grand Slam title. She took out Caroline Wozniacki!!!! Woz played a really bad match but Vera had a large part to play in that by unsettling her with her deep groundstrokes and aggressive play. Her volleys were also pretty sharp and I was very much impressed.

I've liked her since her hilarious meltdown against I-forgot-who in I-forgot-which-tournament, whereby she choked away a lead and then started berating herself by tearing off the taping on her legs and then hitting her own legs. IT WAS HILARIOUS. She also plays pretty good tennis, and her coach is smokin' hot, so I hope she wins.

Besides, Kim's had so many Slams already. It's time to pass the baton to someone else!

(But obviously not if we're talking about Roger Federer.)


Anyway, tennis today was shit. After 10 minutes I felt really nauseous and had to take it really easy for the rest of the morning. It was scorching hot this morning and I think I'm never going to lose my tan. Sadness of epic proportions.

On another note, I recently watched An Education and I really liked it. I really like Carey Mulligan - I think she's really pretty in a classy sort of way. She's way better than Keira Knightley. Since she's starring in the film adaptation of Never Let Me Go, and since it's a British film, I'm gonna watch it; to that end, I asked Mag to help me buy the book when she was at the bookstore the other day and I'll definitely read the book first before the movie.


Boyfriend and I watched Matt Damon's The Informant! this afternoon, in the hot afternoon heat, and I fell asleep with my head on his shoulders.
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