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Bad Buffets.

Okay, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS: Mag needs to stop using the word "boomz" before it permanently digs itself into my list of "frequently used slangs". First, our dear Ris Low does not deserve the honour, albeit a dubious one, though I don't think she'd see it that way, of coining a new slang; and second, what the fuck is "boomz"? You can certainly say the same for "bling-bling", but the difference between "bling-bling" and "boomz" is that...I DON'T USE "BLING-BLING". More importantly, MY SUPER TIMES ONE MILLION GOOD FRIEND DOESN'T USE IT.

This "boomz" thing is gonna be the death of me. I can see it already: the day I subconsciously use "boomz" in actual, daily conversation is the day I hop onto the MRT tracks and hope for a quick, painless (as painless as possible) death. I REFUSE TO LOWER MYSELF TO THE STANDARD OF OUR DEAR RIS LOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


I love Mag very much. =)


Haven't written anything of substance lately because I've been lazy, and because Evony's taking up a hell lot of my time that I usually spend blogging. I only realised this like a few minutes ago. It's really sad, but the damn game is damn addictive, especially when you're #13 in your alliance which is #7 in the whole server, and you're attacking people as and when you please and you're not at all afraid of retaliation 'cause AIN'T NO ONE'S GONNA SCOUT YOU because your alliance kicks ass and because YOU kick ass.

Er, right. Anyway. I've been wanting to write about this a hell of a long time ago but I kept forgetting. A while ago - more than a month ago - my family had buffet dinner at Sheraton Towers. The first time we went for the buffet I completely died and went to Desserts Heaven, because their desserts spread had chocolate fondants. Like, for serious. It was SO good, and the desserts were just amazing. In my mind, a buffet is judged by the quality of its desserts and not so much the actual food because I can't eat majority of the food anyway, but the desserts? I can eat it all. Just by virtue of the FREE FLOW CHOCOLATE FONDANT alone the Sheraton buffet was AMAZING.

So imagine my utter depression the second time we went when I took a look at the desserts, and saw this:


Out of curiosity I took one (hence the photo) and I bravely ate a bit of it. And I immediately spat it out.

It was REALLY ginseng. Like in the worst possible way. It was actually bitter. It was SO gross. I passed it around the table to my parents and the looks on their faces as they ate it were hilarious. I tried to make my brother eat it too but he refused 'cause he's no fun. Boo.

Apart from that, the rest of the food was blah, and they committed the greatest sin ever by taking away the chocolate fondant. The buffet had some promotion and because of that I have reached the irresistible conclusion that, when buffets are having promotions, it's a waste of money to go because they'd just suck.

In fact, we went to Traders Hotel for buffet dinner last Saturday, and if I'm not wrong they also had some promotion. And the buffet was an epic tragedy. Don't know what the hell I ate, the desserts were SAD, and I'm so sick of bad soba at international buffets. And the worst thing about a buffet is that you feel obliged to eat everything once, just because you paid for it, and because it's just there, nevermind that you don't actually want to it eat (like the stupid soba). That's precisely why I always feel like my stomach's gonna burst any minute after a buffet even though I take like 3 plates of real food (and my plates usually contain at most 3 items) before the desserts. My mom, on the other hand...hahaha I shan't malign her in a public forum.

Anyway, the Traders Hotel dessert spread was utter crap. I hate those shot-glass jelly things and I hate small-ass rectangular pieces of cake. What the fuck? If you're charging me 40 or whatever it was for the buffet, you better make damn sure you're giving me a sizable piece of cake, not some half-fucked crap that I can put in my mouth without cutting up. And the shot-glass jelly thingies? I took one green one out of boredom and the lesson to be learned here is: never try to eat anything that's in an odd colour.

It was some pear jelly. It was damn gross. And there was some gross durian thing too. Like, ew. And even the muah chee (what's it called in English?) was screwed up, 'cause it was TOO SWEET, and no, this isn't just my no-sugar thing talking because my brother concurred.

I hate getting full on bad food and paying an exorbitant amount for bad food. And I still don't care for buffets. So sad right? I know.

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