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Singapore is not Mini China.

For fuck's sake. It's bad enough that ang mohs think Singapore is in China. But then again, when I hear the Chinese accent practically every day in this country, and not on TV, one truly wonders if we're not actually a part of China. At this rate, Singapore is more a part of China than Taiwan is (and ever will be). After all, our whatever Olympic medals were won by PRC Chinese. Our national flag was carried by a PRC Chinese at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Maybe it's time everyone stopped with the facade. Singapore is a part of China. China, you've been trying to "re"claim the wrong country - you should be targeting Singapore, not Taiwan. After all, the government has already done half your job for you.

Fuck this shit.

(For the record: The PRC girl in the article isn't a Singapore citizen, so I don't really care that she's all, "Omg wo ai Zhong Guo!" But I must say I've had quite enough with this national obsession with PRC Chinese. They are everywhere. Everyfuckingwhere. And they're getting citizenship like nobody's business. And we're so pathetic that we have to resort to buying Olympic medals from China. Fuck this shit, I say again. What is the damn fucking point of having an Olympic medal if it's not won by a born-and-bred Singaporean? Fuck this shit.)


On another note, I must say I'm absolutely LIVID by this stupid SingTel mioTV whatever nonsense that's bought over Starsports. Which means I'm gonna have to subscribe to their shit cable crap if I wanna watch the Australian Open and Wimbledon - which, by the way, I fucking do. This is really the worst decision ever, and the best example of how too much forced and unnecessary competition is bad for the consumer. Who the hell's heard of a household owning TWO cable TV boxes from two different cable companies when the said household resides in fucking SINGAPORE?

Goddammit, SingTel is such a fucking party pooper. Like I give a shit you're called SingTel. Like I give a shit you want your cable business to reap profits. I WANT MY TENNIS AND I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO HAVE AN EXTRA CABLE SUBSCRIPTION TO WATCH MY TENNIS.

StarHub should just kick their asses by bringing in the Tennis Channel. Seriously. In the first place, I'm sick of the limited tennis coverage in this country; in the second place, if CRICKET has its own channel (who the hell watches Cricket?), I don't see why tennis can't have its own channel.

Okay I've lost the point. I just wanted to say I'm damn pissed off at SingTel. The worst part is that they're probably gonna get their way because I need to watch all four Grand Slams, and there is no other way to watch them but to subscribe to their stupid fucking nonsense.

I'm so gonna write in an angry email one of these days.


The latest episode of Project Runway was an utter snoozefest. I think the show needs to stop having "design a commercial, mainstream outfit!"-type challenges because they are BORING BORING BORING. All the outfits were boring, including Christopher's, and he's my favourite by a mile (he seems sooooo sweet and nice. And he's pretty hot. And he reminds me of Scotty/Scottie from Brothers and Sisters). And I cannot stand that Irina bitchy woman; I wish she'd just get cut already. Which means she's probably winning the whole thing. YUCK.

Okay I haven't read the Probate tutorial and I have to leave in 30 minutes so I better go do it now.

Have other things to say. No time. Damn tired from super gruelling tennis this morning. Gonna fall asleep driving to tutorial. Great.

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