anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

black winter

I've been reading blacwynter's (I've linked to her quite a few times now and I'm too lazy to type the a href crap) older entries as I haven't time to read them until now, and I realise that she and I are somewhat alike. Blacwynter, if you're reading now, please don't be freaked out. It's just an observation I made. For example, there is the love for chocolate. Another example, the seemingly unfillable (word?) void. And yet another example, the desire to get out of the country. Oh, how I want to leave I want to be in a relationship, although I doubt I'd ever admit that's a lot of effort, to just type that, especially for I who needs no one. Because I'm so strong, right? So sturdy and "constant as the Northern star". Ha! Web of lies, indeed.

Anyway. Blacwynter's a goddess. I love her (not in the sexual way).

Let's see, what else? Let me try to think of things that I'm looking forward, I know. "The Two Towers", which is coming out at the end of the year. Anything else? Anything at all? Oh yeah, "Diorama", silverchair's new album. Um, that's taking place in April...okay, what else? Nothing at all?

Why is it that I am soooooo not surprised by the knowledge that nothing really excites me anymore? Besides Joaquin, that is. But fuck, he's so far away.

If I'm happy, I'd post my stupid poem that was a product of my depression, however mild. If I'm happy.

Tags: angst, diaryland friends, joaquin phoenix, lord of the rings

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