anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Haha hilarious.

Hilarious conversation recorded on my Evony alliance chat.

Too lazy to clean it up. tripwires = me.

<12:56>[Jinchuuey]: omg
<12:56>[Jinchuuey]: she just HAD to be small and asian
<12:56>[bdub]: *kicks jin in the shin for being a mean person*
<12:56>[tripwires]: LOL
<12:56>[ArabellaWoodmist]: have u seen her Jin?
<12:56>[ArabellaWoodmist]: she's beautiful.
<12:56>[Jinchuuey]: so, whatcha doin tonight trip?
<12:56>[ArabellaWoodmist]: absolutely adorable.
<12:56>[Jinchuuey]: hush bella
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: she had me at short
<12:57>[tripwires]: ok i'm not really small. :P but no one would know that. hahaha
<12:57>[ArabellaWoodmist]: LOL
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: and got more attn with asian
<12:57>[tripwires]: hey i'm right here! don't talk about me like i'm not!! :(
<12:57>[ArabellaWoodmist]: you are tiny trip
<12:57>[tripwires]: lol
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: im not
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: now then
<12:57>[PrinceElysion]: jin if any elite members, host or vice host mail u
<12:57>[PrinceElysion]: just tell them
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: movie?
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: psh
<12:57>[PrinceElysion]: they insult my parents lol
<12:57>[PrinceElysion]: i wont stop
<12:57>[tripwires]: hahahaha
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: as long as wild Wendy's there
<12:57>[Jinchuuey]: they all die
<12:58>[PrinceElysion]: 0 casualties
<12:58>[PrinceElysion]: lalalala
<12:59>[tripwires]: yayyyy!!!
<12:59>[Jinchuuey]: trip bella's playing matchmaker
<12:59>[ArabellaWoodmist]: hehe
<12:59>[ArabellaWoodmist]: why would I do that Jin?
<13:0>[ArabellaWoodmist]: I'm YOUR deranged stalker.
<13:0>[bdub]: what will kill 2 k archers 8 k warriors 2 k swords 1k cav
<13:0>[Jinchuuey]: trying to talk me into u bein hot, she doesnt understand that i was sold on u awhile ago
<13:0>[bdub]: tim to spin
<13:0>[ArabellaWoodmist]: what's "sold" times 100?
<13:0>[bdub]: sold 100 timses:P
<13:0>[PrinceElysion]: bah junior batallion
<13:0>[ArabellaWoodmist]: that's what you'll be after you see her pic.


>[bdub]: lol
<13:3>[bdub]: just attack
<13:3>[PrinceElysion]: hahaha that poring
<13:3>[PrinceElysion]: super poor
<13:3>[bdub]: hecan reinfocrce
<13:3>[tripwires]: stupid junior battalion
<13:3>[PrinceElysion]: he must me devastated
<13:3>[ArabellaWoodmist]: THOSE are advances?
<13:3>[tripwires]: haha JIN.
<13:3>[Jinchuuey]: she got same thing i got
<13:3>From [bdub] : do u hav a picture
<13:3>[ArabellaWoodmist]: Jinbaby.. you gotta work on your game.
<13:3>[Jinchuuey]: yes O_O what'd u expect?
<13:3>[tripwires]: LOLOL
<13:3>[Jinchuuey]: i asked her to a dam movie wtf
<13:3>[tripwires]: dying of laughter
<13:3>[ArabellaWoodmist]: you did?
To [bdub]: lol umm on facebook?
<13:3>[Jinchuuey]: im not gonna be like "yo wanna fk"
<13:4>[tripwires]: eh you did?
<13:4>[tripwires]: HAHAHAH
<13:4>[tripwires]: must've missed it
<13:4>[Jinchuuey]: "movie?"
<13:4>[Jinchuuey]: end quote
<13:4>[ArabellaWoodmist]: THAT'S how u ask?
<13:4>[ArabellaWoodmist]: movie?
<13:4>[tripwires]: oh!
<13:4>[tripwires]: i missed that
<13:4>[ArabellaWoodmist]: sheesh.. how do you ever expect to reporduce?
<13:4>[Jinchuuey]: well i DID say "so, trip" "movie?"
<13:4>From [bdub] : add me to facebook
<13:4>[Jinchuuey]: simple
<13:4>[ArabellaWoodmist]: oh ok. lol
<13:5>[Jinchuuey]: im honest O_O
<13:5>[ArabellaWoodmist]: aaaw.
<13:5>From [bdub] : search brandon david harless
<13:5>[tripwires]: ermm i was busy doing something else
<13:5>[Jinchuuey]: and i stick around in the morning
<13:5>[tripwires]: so i wasn't paying attention
<13:5>[tripwires]: oh you do!
<13:5>[tripwires]: that's very nice of you
<13:5>[tripwires]: nice presumptiont oo
<13:5>[Jinchuuey]: and i cook O_O
<13:5>[Darknes]: LIES
<13:5>[tripwires]: is it any good? no point cooking if it's bad
<13:5>[bdub]: hahahha do u clean to jin
<13:5>[ArabellaWoodmist]: aaw... Jin's awesome, trip!!
<13:5>[bdub]: lmao
<13:5>[bdub]: ouch
<13:5>[tripwires]: HAHAHA
<13:5>[Darknes]: but that chicken was dam good
<13:5>[Jinchuuey]: its not a lie mike =(
<13:5>[Jinchuuey]: see?
<13:5>[Jinchuuey]: im never mading adobo for u again
<13:6>[Jinchuuey]: ass
<13:6>From [bdub] : can i add u tofacebook?
<13:6>[ArabellaWoodmist]: and Jin's smart too trip!
<13:6>[Jinchuuey]: *making
<13:9>[tripwires] make me yummy vegetarian food and i'll be yours
<13:9>[ArabellaWoodmist]: oh TRIP!
<13:9>[Jinchuuey]: OH!? i can cook a new vegetable stew also
<13:9>[Darknes]: utterly deceptive twaddle speak says I
<13:9>[bdub]: i went to school to be a cook
<13:9>[bdub]: chef
<13:9>[Jinchuuey]: based off boiled cabbage
<13:9>[Jinchuuey]: and tomato juice
<13:9>[Jinchuuey]: =)
<13:9>[tripwires]: but i don't like vegetables...okay that sounds quite good actually
<13:9>[bdub]: hahahahahh jin is a nerd
<13:10>[tripwires]: I'M HUNGRY./ JIN MAKE ME LUNCH
<13:10>[ArabellaWoodmist]: LOL
<13:10>[tripwires]: NOW
<13:10>[bdub]: oh wow
<13:10>[bdub]: violence
<13:10>[Jinchuuey]: vegetarian who doesnt like veggies....
<13:10>[bdub]: :P
<13:10>[ArabellaWoodmist]: you are a vegetarian that doesn't likeVEGETABLES?!!
<13:10>[Jinchuuey]: irony
<13:10>[bdub]: she likes rice
<13:10>[ArabellaWoodmist]: what do you eat?!!!!
<13:10>[bdub]: thats not a vegetable
<13:10>[tripwires]: i didn't stop eating meat because i liked vegetables!
<13:10>[Jinchuuey]: ehhhhh
<13:10>[Jinchuuey]: O_O
<13:10>[Jinchuuey]: lol
<13:10>[bdub]: sowhat do u eat jin
<13:10>[tripwires]: oh no i'm starving. my lunch is nowhere in sight :(
<13:10>[Jinchuuey]: anything
<13:10>[bdub]: i mean trip
<13:10>[bdub]: what do u eat
<13:10>[tripwires]: HAHA
<13:11>[ArabellaWoodmist]: and what's for lunch trip? i gotta know.
<13:11>[Darknes]: he eats caterpillar feces
<13:11>[Jinchuuey]: she eats nuts and rice
<13:11>[Jinchuuey]: and fruits
<13:11>[bdub]: omg
<13:11>[tripwires]: actually i'm not really vegetarian. i eat fish :( I'm a hypocrite
<13:11>[Jinchuuey]: and noodles
<13:11>[bdub]: thats so boring
<13:11>[tripwires]: :(
<13:11>[tripwires]: eh jin's talking nonsense!
<13:11>[ArabellaWoodmist]: lol trip
<13:11>[bdub]: OMG SUSHI
<13:11>[tripwires]: but everyone eats fruits
<13:11>[bdub]: i love sushi
<13:11>[tripwires]: fruits are good
<13:11>[Darknes]: so....testis, wangs nd gey guys?
<13:11>[tripwires]: i'm scasred of raw stuff
<13:11>[Jinchuuey]: .....
<13:11>[bdub]: LMFAO @DARKNESS
<13:11>[Jinchuuey]: wow mike ur on a roolllllll
<13:11>[Darknes]: XD
<13:11>[Darknes]: idk what it is
<13:12>[bdub]: so much funny*
<13:12>[bdub]: llmao
<13:12>[Darknes]: im watching extreme make ove home edition
<13:12>[bdub]: i need to go to bed omg
<13:12>[Darknes]: O.o
<13:12>[Jinchuuey]: orly?
<13:12>[Jinchuuey]: is it a good one?
<13:12>[Darknes]: well my mother recrded it
<13:12>[Darknes]: umm the one about a fireman

<13:25>[bdub]: duh dur duh dur
<13:26>[bdub]: jins a silly lil boi
<13:26>[bdub]: :D
<13:26>[Jinchuuey]: lol my archery 10 will make u happy trip =P
<13:26>[bdub]: i have archery 10 to jin
<13:26>[bdub]: so hahahha
<13:26>[Darknes]: oh yea well i just bought my wife a vibrator
<13:26>[Jinchuuey]: HBR 10 O_O
<13:26>[Jinchuuey]: ....
<13:26>[tripwires]: i have archery 10 too
<13:26>[Jinchuuey]: way to kill the mood
<13:26>[bdub]: ok u got me*
<13:26>[bdub]: lol
<13:26>[bdub]: u have a lvl 10 npc
<13:26>[bdub]: i don't
<13:26>[Jinchuuey]: yes i do O_O
<13:26>[bdub]: i can't get lvl 10
<13:26>[bdub]: :(9
<13:26>[Jinchuuey]: oh right
<13:27>[tripwires]: aww :( i odn't have a single npc :(
<13:27>[bdub]: *cries jin is being mean *
<13:27>[tripwires]: mean jin :(
<13:27>[bdub]: BELLLLLLAAAA
<13:27>[Jinchuuey]: i wuv trip O_O
<13:27>[tripwires]: yeah where's bella?
<13:27>[tripwires]: HAHAHAHA
<13:27>[bdub]: i play the sympathy card jin i win :P
<13:27>[Jinchuuey]: from now on im her stalker
<13:27>[ArabellaWoodmist]: LOL JIn!!
<13:27>[Jinchuuey]: dude i hate to say it but u lose ur army so much
<13:27>[bdub]: bella
<13:27>[Jinchuuey]: its no longer sympathy we expect it lol
<13:28>[bdub]: haha
<13:28>[ArabellaWoodmist]: what dub?
<13:28>[bdub]: this time i didn't*do it
<13:28>[Jinchuuey]: same with me and level 10 NPC
<13:28>[bdub]: it was a glitch dammit
<13:28>[Jinchuuey]: or rather level 10 Lake
<13:28>[bdub]: jins being a meany
<13:28>[Jinchuuey]: i EXPECT to lose my archers
<13:28>[Jinchuuey]: no matter how many i send
<13:28>[Jinchuuey]: cause Evony hax
<13:28>[bdub]: i know its b.s
<13:28>[bdub]: bella will u smack jin for being mean
<13:29>[Jinchuuey]: she wouldnt dare =P
<13:29>[bdub]: hahahha
<13:29>[Jinchuuey]: id invade her, and not in a good way
<13:29>[bdub]: BELLLLLALLAAAA
<13:29>[PrinceElysion]: more resources
<13:29>[Jinchuuey]: anyway, so trip, dinner? movie? discussion and napping?
<13:29>[bdub]: thats lame
<13:29>[bdub]: :P
<13:29>[Jinchuuey]: like i SAID
<13:29>[bdub]: hahah
<13:29>[Jinchuuey]: im not gonna go "hey wanna fk"
<13:29>[Darknes]: lady on TV just said "I'm so ashamed of my gender right now" ....she screamed when a worm touched her
<13:30>[bdub]: i know
<13:30>[bdub]: lmao
<13:30>[Darknes]: O.o
<13:30>[tripwires]: hahahahahahahaha
<13:30>[tripwires]: my asian values do not allow me to sleep with strangers
<13:30>[Jinchuuey]: aside from the obvious "ur hot" theres alot more to know about a person
<13:30>[ArabellaWoodmist]: Jin.. you're threatening ME now?
<13:30>[bdub]: i hate sin's old city
<13:30>[Jinchuuey]: than just "hey ur hot"
<13:30>[bdub]: theres nothing to upgrade :P
<13:30>[Jinchuuey]: and yes i know trip =P i mostly only date asians
<13:30>[bdub]: bella SLAP HIM
<13:30>[Jinchuuey]: flip, lao, khmai
<13:30>[Jinchuuey]: viet
<13:30>[Jinchuuey]: SG
<13:30>[ViperZ]: where are you in asia trip?
<13:31>[tripwires]: singapore
<13:31>[bdub]: :)
<13:31>[tripwires]: haha jin really? you are american ues?
<13:31>[bdub]: ELY IS FROM THERE ISNT HE
<13:31>[ViperZ]: oh ok.
<13:31>[tripwires]: yes
<13:31>[tripwires]: yup ely's studying here!
<13:31>[Jinchuuey]: yup american
<13:31>[ViperZ]: im from phil
<13:31>[bdub]: so trip do u know ely
<13:31>[PrinceElysion]: mangandang gabi
<13:31>[bdub]: have u met him
<13:31>[ViperZ]: philippines i mean
<13:31>[tripwires]: i only know ely through here hahahaha
<13:31>[PrinceElysion]: speak tagalog?
<13:31>[ViperZ]: magandang gabi po prince lol
<13:31>[PrinceElysion]: lol
<13:32>[Darknes]: whats Tulsa backwards?
<13:32>[PrinceElysion]: gandang umaga
<13:32>[Jinchuuey]: u mike, its u
<13:32>[tripwires]: aslut. HAHA
<13:32>[PrinceElysion]: ok thats it
<13:32>[PrinceElysion]: i only know 2 tagalog words
<13:32>[Darknes]: whats aslut backwards?
<13:32>[bdub]: but ur in the same
<13:32>[bdub]: whats tagalog

"What's Tagalog". Hahaha.

And this is the best:

From: Jinchuuey
Subject: I haz announcement

tripwires is seriously gorgeous, her sexiness is srs bsns...

that is all...

mine btw!


That was a freaking group message, by the way. Sent by the host of the alliance.

Well, I guess the bright side is, this means I'll never be kicked out. Yay!

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