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If I'm being honest, the Dean's Listers prize ceremony thingy was quite a snoozefest. I was sleepy throughout and the awkward silence between the time the person's name was announced and the time the person made his/her way from his/her seat and up the stage to receive a certificate (no money! Sadness) was really awkward. I'm always nervous when I have to go onstage, for whatever it is, even if it's something as brain dead as collecting a piece of paper. At the back of my mind I'd be wondering, Am I gonna trip? Am I walking like a hulk? Is my tummy showing?

Anyway, it was over and done with quickly, and I received yet another copy of the official transcript. I had a good laugh looking at the left column: bunch of C's and B's. A few C's. More C's than C+'s. C's for the two modules I hated with every inch of my being: Contract Law and Company Law.

After the fuss was over Mag and I had a small chat with the wonderful and totally awesome Dean. In those few minutes he made me feel better about certain (potentially stupid) issues I've been feeling angsty about the past couple of weeks. It's not anything I haven't already heard from everyone else; but it's just different hearing it from someone whom you respect, someone who's achieved so much that he definitely knows what he's talking about. And I think largely he's right: you have to do the time to know for sure it's not what you want. And if it turns out to be what you want (this thought, though, if I may be honest, scares the living fucking shit out of me), then good for you.

My problem, however, is that...two years. I guess they're not so long in the grand scheme of things, but in terms of here and now, they feel like a really, REALLY long time.

He also said: No point doing something that doesn't resonate within you, 'cause you'd always be unhappy.

So. Damn. Spot. On.

And that's all I have to say.


Yesterday was a day of utter stupidity and fail.

It won't happen again. Ever.

If it does, those in the know, please, PLEASE feel free to de-friend me. I don't deserve friends if I'm that stupid THREE DAMN TIMES.

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