anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Standard of English in Singapore - utterly impressive.

I'm randomly surfing Yahoo! Singapore (this is my stoning time) and I came across an article talking about some video of a woman scolding MRT commuters that was uploaded on YouTube and how her alleged sister has come to her defence.

This is the article. This is the sentence that I don't understand:

Only wanting to be known as Grace, she said she recognized the woman on the video posted on YouTube as her elder sister of one year.

I read the rest of the article to see if it explains what the bolded part of the sentence means. After reading the article a few times, I'm still confused.

Maybe "Grace"'s family adopted the woman a year ago. I don't understand why a family would adopt a supposedly schizophrenic woman in her 30's at least, so maybe the article is just badly-written.


I'm too tired to be snarky about it or to even continue this, so that's all.

Tags: quotes, singapore, stupid people

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