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An update, finally.

What can I say about the fact that I haven't written since the last entry (which doesn't make sense to me anymore)? What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said many times over, in different variations?

I can say one thing though: Having lunch with Tris yesterday in the aftermath of a shocking discovery relating to one of my matters at work pretty much underscored my conviction that this litigation bullshit is not for me. I think the biggest problem is that, fundamentally, my selfishness mandates that I really don't care about your problems and it's helluva difficult pretending that I do, or making myself care - especially when cients give conflicting instructions, don't want to read their own fucking affidavits, tell me some half-assed story that confuses the living hell out of me and makes my work even harder.

But more importantly, I'm a very theoretical person. I like to think about how things should be, but have little interest in how things are. I like law in abstract, in the sense that I like to think about how it'd apply in the real world; but when I have to deal with really applying it, I get irritated by the details, the boring facts, the trifle concerns of the people that look for lawyers, and the irritation builds and bubbles and it becomes indifference.

That's also why I've said that I wouldn't mind doing appeals, but would absolutely not want to do a trial. I hate preparing for trial. I hate the process leading up to trial. I hate civil procedure. It's pedantic and mundane, and I have to deal with all these stupid facts that I don't care about, read documents that put me to sleep, and I honestly feel like I haven't used my brain in a really long time. The good thing about appeals is that the facts are already settled; the only thing that needs to be sorted out is the law, and what the law should be in this case. Of course, some cases are boring; but if I really had to do this job, I'd choose to do an appeal over a trial without question.

And it's for this reason that I'm actually a bit pleased that my senior associate, who's really nice, roped me in to help him with an appeal that's coming up. It helps a lot that the case isn't totally boring, so there's some interest there.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT WORK BECAUSE I'M SICK OF IT. I'll say one last thing though: I gave my interns a substantial piece of work earlier this week and was horrified by what they produced. I understand if they don't know what's relevant and what's not; but I fail to understand how it's acceptable to blindly copy everything in the statements given to us by the clients, bad English and all. Shit. And whenever they email me things in grammatically unsound English, I just get really irritated. Especially when they commit simple will/would errors.

I'm damn mean, I know. But I was really exasperated, going through the grammatically-unsound, blindly-copied work that they gave.



In happier news, I really love tennis. Even though I'm always half dead on Saturday mornings and can barely get out of bed, I force myself to wake up for tennis because it's one of the few highlights of my otherwise shitty week. Even when I'm roasting under the sun and getting frustrated because my lousy stamina never fails to let me down (mind willing, body weak), I can't think of a place I'd rather be on a Saturday morning.

Today, I did a full serve for the first time in weeks, maybe even months. I was very pleased to find out that I could still serve relatively fine from the left side of the court. But I can't serve from the right side. Something about standing on the right side of the court makes my ball toss awry and fucked up.

Still, I really wish I were more alert and rested on Saturday mornings though. I'm always, ALWAYS let down by my poor stamina and lack of sleep. Last night I woke up at 3.17 a.m....or rather, I couldn't really sleep very well and finally woke up at 3.17 a.m. to use the toilet. This morning my alarm rang at 8 but I only got out of bed at 8.40. Halfway through tennis I felt like I'd just risen from the dead. This happens every single Saturday morning without fail. I am a very sad person indeed.


In other news, Wei Chuen and I watched Nowhere Boy last week and I was disappointed by how boring it was. It wasn't as boring as Wall Street, i.e. I didn't fall asleep, but I definitely expected it to be a lot more engaging. Wasn't one of the best movies I've watched this year.

Today, we're not going out because he's sick. He's been sick the whole week. I think he's damn poor thing. :(
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