anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Too tired to write properly... I'll do it in point form.

1. I really hope the stupid haze doesn't affect my usual tennis on Saturday morning. It's one of the rare things that I actually look forward to on a regular basis.

2. I'm so annoyed with work. I don't know what I'm doing. I can't stand all this crap.

3. I miss my boyfriend.

4. I bought a new dress during lunch today - went to Orchard with Senior Associate and I went to Mango after eating. I wasn't going to, but my extremely uncomfortable formal black skirt really pissed me off and I decided I needed something loose to wear.

5. I'm so fat, I hate myself.

6. I love Chuck. I was SO excited to learn that NBC ordered 11 more episodes on top of the initial 13, so Chuck fans world wide are getting 24 episodes of Season 4!1!1!1 I LOVE CHUCK. HAVE I ALREADY MENTIONED THAT?

7. Speaking of Chuck, I discovered Zachary Levi's duet with Kat McPhee on the Kara DioGuardi song Terrified (made famous, at least for me, by Didi Benami on Idol) which was released in May this year and I played it over and over again last night, just to hear Zac's voice. Now, I saw this video of him singing some Michael Jackson song off-the-cuff when he was doing Chuck promotion in I think Paris. It was a Q&A panel sort of thing with the fans. I don't know how it happened; maybe someone asked him to sing a Michael Jackson song. Whatever the case was, he started singing, and he sounded REALLY good. To be perfectly honest, I wish Kat McPhee hadn't sung a word during Zac's verse. I wanted to hear HIM only, thank you.

8. Have I mentioned that I love Chuck?

9. I really need some fucking direction in life.

10. Maybe I'll just work in 7-11. Whatever, right? We're all just gonna fucking die anyway.
Tags: angst, chuck, clothes, rant, shopping, singapore, songs, tv shows, wei chuen, work, zachary levi

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