anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

standing still with the scenery rushing by

God, I am so tired.

Updates on the progess (or lack thereof) of my hopeless academic work:

Maths review: 34/85=40%.
Maths test on Permutations and Combinations, and Set Language: 12/30.
Chemistry: 24.5/50. Would you be mad?
English: 19/40. (fuck me.)
Chinese: 34.5/100. (double fuck me.)
Maths test on Circular Measure: 9/25.
Some stupid Chinese test that I didn't study for: *thinks* Well, it was a fail.

Plus the Physics one I mentioned sometime back:

Physics: 10/50.

As you can see for yourself, I failed everything. If anyone even wonders why I beat myself up so hard for failing English, it's because I have never in my entire, worthless life failed English. It's English, for chrissakes! And my teacher was so tactless that she went on to tell me that the bloody Cambridge examiners would've gave me a mark lower than 19 for that piece of shit. I think it was 8. about hopeless, and I'm not speaking only of the stupid English thing, which I still can't get over, no matter how encouraging blacwynter is, or how much I repeat Einstein failed Physics in high school like a mantra. But this has got to stop, or I'll drive myself nuts.

Few days ago a fight occured in the school canteen. Some Sec. 3 girl spilled a bowl of noodles or whatever on another Sec. 3 girl, this bitch from the drama society (which I used to belong to, but I hated it). Bitch from Drama Society got pissed off, and despite her friends' restraints, splashed a whole cup of Grape (you know, that grape-flavoured soft drink? It sucks) on the girl. I don't know what happened next, as I didn't witness it myself. My friends were there, and when they returned back to class, they were like, "You missed the show!" Dammit, why didn't I stay with my friend to finish her fucking ice-cream! Then I could've watched the show!

I realise that it's really lame, but my school is so boring that a fight really spices things up. And I had to miss it! I'm not happy about it at all.

I can't believe I have 30+ entries (or whatever). I thought I'd lose interest after the 10th one. Ha. How nice.

Dammit, I've felt so sorry for myself for the past 3 days. I can't stand it.

Tags: angst, grades, personal, school

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