anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Stupid buses.

Um, ignore the previous two entries. Things are back to good. I tend to freak out over temporary diversions from the smooth, well-paved road.

I took a stupid bus back from Takashimaya today as I didn't think it wise to cab home after cabbing to town. BOY WAS I FUCKING STUPID OR WHAT. The bus was crowded, my stop was super far away, I had to stand, my shoes were eating my feet for lunch and dinner, AND supper, and the freaking bus driver couldn't drive properly. I was SO damn annoyed. And for some reason people seem to have a penchant of standing too close to a complete stranger on a bus. I can't stand it when some random fellow bus-taker insists on standing way too close to me for comfort, because it makes me feel claustrophobic and invaded.

Hence, I was in a damn bad mood, and I couldn't even wait until the stupid bus crawled to the Rail Mall stop. I got off at King Albert Park and called my mom. It was a fucking miracle I even lasted that long, okay?

In any case, I texted Wei Chuen about how I was damn pissed and irritated blah blah, and he said, "Sorry. :( I should take bus with you. :( :( :("

Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? He's the sweetest thing ever.


In more Buses Are Shit news, yesterday I took 970 to Sixth Avenue to meet Jean and Jolie for lunch. We were supposed to meet at 12. I woke up at 11.50. It was still okay; I rushed through changing and whatever and left the house at like, 12.15.

Guess what time I reached? ONE FUCKING P.M.


I hate the bus so much. I'd rather take the damn MRT anytime, anyday. AND I HATE THE MRT TOO.

I think the answer to my problem is...a car. Yes. NEED TO OWN A CAR.

Tags: public transport sucks, rant, wei chuen

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