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Day of mourning.

Now that the dust has settled somewhat, here's what I think:

Really bummed that Roger couldn't win it. Am a bit more affected than I thought I'd be in the morning. Thing that stings most is that I had some personal vested interest in his six in a row and his winning here, and seeing him lose a match he had on his racquet in the second set is a bit heartbreaking.

Not devastated though, just disappointed and sad. When I woke up this afternoon at 1 I thought maybe I just dreamt the loss. In my groggy state he was playing at 3-5 in the final set - which probably wouldn't have made much of a difference even if it had happened in real life. But getting broken while serving to stay in the match, and having it end there, was a bit cruel. Especially after he saved two match points. If he'd held serve, maybe he would still have had SOME fighting chance to break back.

He was right though, in his presser: Had his chances. Didn't take them. Had 5-4 in the second, serving for the set, but got broken. Opened the fourth set tie-break with a double fault. Could've gotten mini-break back after gaining control of rallies, but hit backhand long. And of course, his first serve absolutely DISAPPEAREAD, deserting him even on crucial points.

Sigh. If only, if only.

I must say this though: The chair umpire is an absolute IDIOT. This sums it up:

DelPo hit a second serve out, but the umpires didn't say it was out (someone at the crowd did). Roger thought it was out, but thought also one of the linesman that called out, so took long to challenge it. He challenges and the ball was out- meaning: double-fault! But since he took to long (cause some moron shouted out), DelPo argued with the umpire ... who decided to play a f***ing LET!!!!!!!!! When the correct decision is: the ball is out, it is a double-fault!!!!!!!!

I didn't know what was going on when it happened; the commentary was gone as there were some issues with the stupid feed received by StarHub, so I didn't know what they were arguing with the umpire about. But now that I know? OMG I WANT THAT IDIOT'S HEAD ON A STICK. BECAUSE ROGER WENT ON TO LOSE THAT POINT. A POINT THAT WAS A DOUBLE FAULT.


Ugh. STUPID ASS UMPIRE. I HATE HIM. He had the audacity to tell the GOAT himself to "stop talking" during the changeover when Roger was ranting about Hawkeye after he got broken in the second set. WHO TELLS ROGER FEDERER WHAT TO DO? WHAT A MUG UMPIRE.

SIGH. Roger. =( *holds him tight*


In other news, I played tennis with Thx U today. The whole time I couldn't get a shot I hit on Sunday out of my mind, that I didn't talk about here. It was probably the best shot I've ever hit. A backhand drive volley down the line, right in the fucking corner. Like the kind of shots you see on TV.

It was utterly AMAZING. I'm surprised that I managed to contain myself; didn't make a fuss, cheered it in my head and moved on. But WOW. I think I'm never going to forget that. I hit it off a defensive high ball, really took my time to wait for it to fall low enough for me to hit it, and hit it perfectly.


Today was okay. Still can't get any fucking topspin on the backhand - damn backhand is still as flat as my chest. I guess the bright side is, the 2009 US Open winner (D:) hits his shots damn flat as well.

Mustered up enough balls to hit a winning volley though YAY, off a defensive shot Thx U hit off some ultra-flat backhand I hit to the left side of the court. Though omg the number of chances I had to hit an overhead - the fuck, I was so scared I just stood there and watched the ball fly over my head. I'm such an idiot.

I can also finally tell when I'm just blocking back the ball with the backhand (usually when the ball is too high for me to do anything. I HATE high balls).

Forehand is still tragic. At least there's some topspin. But it really does nothing. Stupid-ass forehand.


In more other news, I'm still feeling like I did that day.

As a result, I rented three retarded movies to watch. Yay.

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