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What an absolute travesty.

First, in Asian Games tennis news, Taiwan beat China in the women's semi-final. The other semi-final was also won by Taiwan, so Taiwan's assured of a gold medal. FUCK YEAH! I was also supporting Kimiko Date-Krumm (who, by the way, is fucking 40 years old - respect) over China's Shuai Peng but alas, she lost. If it isn't obvious by now, I support Taiwan above anything else, and I will support whoever is playing against China.

By the way, someone needs to remind the officials who are in charge of the medals tally to add Tao Li's gold medal to China's gold medal tally. I'm SO happy that Singapore's other gold medals were won by real Singaporeans, not a fake one.

Second, in ATP tennis news, it was announced today that Rafael Nadal won the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award. That pissed me off so much that I could barely feel anything about Roger winning the fan favourite for the 8th consecutive year (I voted for him 3 times - once with my mom's email address. Hahaha). I'm sorry, even though I'm not, but for someone who was fined for on-court coaching this year at Wimbledone AND apparently received on-court coaching shortly before he served at match point in the final of the US Open to receive the sportsmanship award is an utter travesty and a complete disgrace and abomination to the concept of sportsmanship.

How did this even happen? Were the ATP players bribed by Uncle Toni to vote for Nadal or something? Is this some sort of politically-correct move to award the current #1 with the sportsmanship prize? Which part of Nadal's on-court behaviour even remotely suggests that it can be placed positively in the same sentence as the word "sportsmanship"? Anyone who follows tennis and isn't a Rafatard will know about all his gamesmanship antics, so for him to win this prize is seriously disgusting, and it almost takes away from the importance of Roger winning this 6 years in a row before it was defiled by its current recipient.

This angers me even more than Nadal winning Roger's US Open and Wimbledon. If he played well in those tournaments, he won them fair and square (notwithstanding his usual time-delay tactics, that is), and it's not his fault that Roger couldn't do it. But him winning the sportsmanship award is just an abomination. This isn't even about Roger not winning it; I wouldn't be so pissed off if Taylor Dent or Marin Cilic had won it. It's about how an utterly undeserving player who's known for his gamesmanship has just won a sportsmanship award.

This article says it all.


Anyway, in other news, Wei Chuen and I went to Resorts World Sentosa for dinner and we randomly decided to eat at this restaurant called Osia.

It's a new Australian fusion/fine dining restaurant. The bill came up to about $200. But the food was good. I ordered the broiled sea perch that positively melted in my mouth, and he ordered some lamb dish which he said was good. He also ordered this lobster appetiser (that was $36) which was actually good, and I'm not a lobster/prawn person.

The desserts, though, was quite a disaster. My macademia nut tart wasn't half bad, but the orange dressing was freaking sour and I didn't care for the sorbet. It cost $19. He had some lemon parfait which killed him, and it was also $19. Totally not worth the money.

But it was a good night. We walked around after dinner and checked in to Chili's for a drink when I was dying of thirst. It was a happy night.


I'm totally dreading work.
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