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Need a little time to wake up.

1. World Tour Finals London

Roger has been absolutely sublime the whole week. He's won all three round robin matches - without dropping a set. According to die-hard Roger fans, he's never, EVER contested at the final tournament of the year reserved for the top 8 players in the world without dropping a set.

He's in fantastic form. His forehand has been an absolute killer; his movement is god-like; and he's precise, careful, aggressive, alert. I love watching him when he's in this kind of mood - hungry for victory, his killer instincts alert, his forehand cutting his opponents into pieces.

I FUCKING LOVE ROGER FEDERER. I seriously can't even begin to explain this; all I can say, lamely, is that he's the BEST EVER, there's NO ONE like him, and David Foster Wallace was SO right when he compared watching Roger Federer to a religious experience. I cannot believe the outrageous shots that he pulls off, like the gutsy inside-out forehand to break Murray; his point construction in long rallies is just a major mind-fuck; and his defensive skills are incredible. His defensive backhand slice can seemingly get anything back, including a super aggressive and flat forehand from Soderling, which Roger sliced back from an impossible angle, coaxing the ball over and net and bounce low at Soderling's feet. Soderling couldn't react in time and volleyed it wide.


He beat Murray 4 and 2 in his second round match which definitely surprised me (and Roger too). Then he beat Soderling 7-6(5), 6-3. Now he's through to the semi-finals again. Two more matches to the trophy. I hope he avoids Nadal but even if he doesn't, it won't matter when he finally beats the bulldog for the trophy!


2. Exciting day at work

That, of course, simultaneously means tiring as hell; but at least something exciting happened at work for the first time since I started work proper.

Basically, we were supposed to have a criminal trial starting Monday. There were some witnesses that were crucial to our case whose identities we did not have until this Monday. At the PTC we applied for an adjournment of the trial. The PTC judge said, "Not inclined. Dismissed."

That surprised no one, and caught no-one off-guard, so senior associate went to the High Court after lunch and filed a criminal motion that we prepared in the morning (thankfully it's a mere one-page document). He got an urgent hearing at 4.30 on the same day. He called me at 4.10 to ask me to get my boss down to argue it.

After some sincere grovelling by boss, the duty judge (who was slightly grumpy and even a tad disinclined too at first) allowed the application.


I have half a mind to say some nice, positive things here, but the truth is that I can't bring myself to do so. Despite yesterday being quite exciting and also quite a rare experience, I didn't really feel anything because I was so tired. I really thought I could come home early and watch Roger's match at 10 p.m. but in the end, I left at 12.45 a.m.

Great life, right? I love it too.

On a brighter note, Mag was on leave today which meant I had the room to myself. I brought my Oasis "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" CD to work and played it the whole day. It was great. I LOVE this album.

My ego also received a huge boost when the partner with whom I played tennis alongside his friend a few weeks ago announced that I was the best tennis player in the firm. I obviously laughed quite hard at that notion but he got a bit more realistic when he said he was impressed with my backhand. Yay.

Hmm, does that mean that my forehand sucks? That would make me quite sad as I've been working quite hard on it.

Okay, my backhand is definitely the better side, no question. I'm just sad that the topspin isn't consistent and that my kill shot has committed suicide.

Oh well. I'm going to sleep now; I've had an INCREDIBLY draining and fucking tiring week. Ugh. You know, everytime I walk back to the office via the Raffles Place underpass, I can't help but think of how my life has been reduced to so little. I don't go out with my friends anymore; on weekdays, I'm usually still in the office, and when I'm not, I'm too tired to do anything but go home and do nothing. Nowadays my weekends have been usurped by work too, though not completely so it's still not that bad; but I just...sigh. My free time is very precious. I hate it when it's chipped away, even if it's just a little bit.

I definitely feel like I'm sleep-walking through this phase of my life. I can't wait to wake up.
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