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It's WAR, and I bet Federer and/or Nadal is/are going to be trending on Twitter.

Regarding the ATP WTF, Andy Murray did not get the job done last night and has single-handedly caused a Federer/Nadal final. Thanks, Muzz. I was rooting SO hard for him like I'd never rooted for anyone in my life; he gave me such hope when he broke back while Nadal served for the match, and I thought I'd be looking forward to a relaxing Federer/Murray final when he started off the third-set tie-break with a 3-0 lead. But alas, it was not to be - Nadal crawled back into the tie-break and clinched his third match point with a pretty amazing cross-court winner that was just Too Good.

8-6 in the tie-break. Murray came so close. I don't even like him but how I wish he'd won; he fought so hard. He would've deserved it.

Anyway, that was one hell of an exciting match. In contrast, Roger's demolishing of Novak Djokovic was pretty boring and routine. There were some exciting rallies in the middle of the second set with both guys throwing their kitchen sinks and their bathtubs at each other, but in the end, Roger was just too good.

In any case, I suspect Nole's more interested in the Davis Cup tournament than this final anyway.

Regarding the final match of the season that's taking place at 1.30 a.m. Singapore time, I actually have a pretty good feeling about this. Nevertheless, I'm freaking the fuck out like I freaked the fuck out when Roger had to play Nadal in the 2009 Australian Open final. That match, by the way, scars me to this day - I still can't believe Roger lost that.

I'm glad it's at 1.30 a.m. so that I won't be able to watch, but I don't think I'd be able to sleep. I wish I could call in sick at work tomorrow but that's going to remain a mere fantasy and not much else. If I could explain why a tennis match over which I have no control and which does not affect me directly can cause me insomnia, I would; but all I can say is that IT'S FUCKING ROGER FEDERER and I WANT HIM TO WIN and HE'S THE BEST EVER AND THEREFORE HE HAS TO WIN.

GO ROGER. Please take the trophy that is rightfully yours.

(THANKFULLY his match only lasted an hour and seventeen minutes while Nadal's lasted three hours. This reminds me a bit of last year's Madrid final - Roger dispatched his SF opponent easily while Nadal was locked in an Epic Battle with Djokovic. Roger won the final.)


In other tennis news, on Saturday I played with this kid that I saw around NUS quite a few times over the two years that I've played there, whom I've always thought was a tad intense. On Friday night I couldn't get past how I didn't have a game on Saturday as it felt wrong not to play tennis on Saturday, so I went on Tennis Friends Network (I refuse to spell "friends" with a "z") to see if I could find someone to play with. I saw a post from someone who wanted to play at NUS anytime on Saturday, so I was all, okay!

When I reached and saw the person from a distance, I was half-wondering if he was that kid. When contemplating the possibility that he was, I almost turned around and ran off. This kid was good, definitely better than me, and was intense in a way that had made me think what was wrong with him when I heard him yelling in frustration in the past when he played with other people.

It turned out I was right. It also turned out to be pretty awesome. Make no mistake - I was totally losing my ass off. He was hitting winners off his forehand all over the place, and many times I could only stand and stare as the ball skidded away from me. But it was awesome - for the first time EVER, I felt really challenged (this is solely because NUS Wall Guy is very nice and plays down to my level hahaha) which ignited the competitive spark in me which died when I entered law school. I wanted to win the rallies, and so when I made my kill shot and he couldn't get it back, I almost did a fist pump (which I don't do, ever). I also won the last point - I hit a forehand cross-court deep into his forehand corner and he couldn't get it back.

I did notice, towards the end, that his backhand was pretty weak. Whenever I hit to his backhand the ball would either sail long or not make it over the net. But when I realised that, it was nearing the end of the game so I couldn't really attack it too much.

It was a really good competitive game. At one point we were engaged in a Battle of the Forehand which I obviously lost when I hit my stupid forehand long. I was damn annoyed at myself, but he was pleased, which was clear from the "come on!" that he shouted.

Yes, he's THAT kind of player. At first when he yelled in frustration whenever he screwed up a shot I found it pretty funny but I soon joined in him the groaning and moaning and cursing at self. I'd never really played with anyone who's as hard on himself as I am, so playing with the kid, who's even more intense than I am, was a nice change.

This isn't relevant but I want to say it anyway: the kid's totally gay. Completely effeminate and screams like a girl, a little. He also doesn't have the best EQ, but I didn't really care as the tennis was GREAT.

Compare that to today's tennis against this person that I've played with a few times. When I stopped for a water break he told me, "Try to control your shots; they're flying all over the place."

Truth was, dude was lazy to run for the balls that didn't go down the centre of the court. Truth was, too, I was controlling my shots; I made them go cross-court because it's fun.

But since he was too lazy to run, I just hit down the centre of the court. I got a bit bored after a while. Playing with Gay Kid was definitely more fun. When do I ever get bored from tennis, right? I know.


My right arm is really aching now. I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up with a sore body tomorrow. But it's so worth it. I love tennis.


I don't think I can tolerate "Prozac Nation" anymore. I have no interest in her life, and the banal writing isn't doing anything for me. I try to finish books that I start, but between Amis' Pregnant Widow and this book, I don't think there's much value in that enterprise. I basically wasted time reading these books that I could've spent on other books. Does it make sense to continue wasting time reading something that you don't wanna fucking read? Doesn't seem to, does it?


Lastly, I believe Roger can do it. Yes, he can. Yes, you can. Yes, we can.
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